Don’t Say a Word by Jennifer Jaynes

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Death has always stalked single mother Allie Callahan. For the first time in her life, she has found a fragile sort of happiness living a quiet, peaceful existence in East Texas with her young son, Sammy, and her adoptive mother.

Still, Allie fears she may be susceptible to the same mental illness that destroyed her serial-killer mother and brother. She’s haunted by the idea that she could become incapable of caring for Sammy.

When twelve-year-old twins Zoe and Carrie arrive on her doorstep late one night, their parents slain in a vicious double homicide, Allie’s strength and sanity are put to the test. What did the twins see on the night of their parents’ horrific murder? They are too frightened to say.

Soon faced with a series of menacing phone calls, a rising body count, and the pressure of keeping the girls and her own son safe, Allie fears she’ll lose her mind—and her one shot at happiness—once and for all.

My review…

Having read and loved the first two books in this series (Never Smile at Strangers and Ugly Young Thing) I was VERY excited to get my hands on Don’t Say a Word and I’m happy to say that this book totally lived up to my expectations. Jennifer Jaynes really knows how to create a tension filled suspense thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat!

If you haven’t read the first two books WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? No, seriously, you are better to read the first books as then you get so much more from this one having the background story of Allie Callahan. Allie is now mum to the adorable 4 year old Sammy and living a stable live full of love with her adoptive mother Miss Bitty. Bitty is still a foster carer and when twelve year old twins, Zoe and Carrie, come to stay after the brutal murder of their parents mysterious things start to happen. Who is making the anonymous phone calls? Is Allie able to keep her newfound happiness and her family safe?

I love the character of Allie and how she has developed from teenage girl living with her mentally ill mother to becoming a mum herself. Her fear that the illness that also claimed her brother will be passed on to her is always at the back of her mind. She has really grown up since having Sammy and she’s getting the confidence to put herself and her son first by making difficult decisions, adult decisions. Her body dysmorphia is also being worked through and the author definitely explores this issue with a well researched knowledge and understanding of the condition. Allies reactions are absolutely spot on for a sufferer of this form of depression.

The story itself is layered up slowly with a few flashbacks to the lives the twins lead with their parents in the weekend leading up to the murders. I do love books with twin characters, it’s such a special relationship that always seems to appeal to people’s curiosity! And be honest, what’s not to love about creepy twins??

Once again, Jennifer Jaynes brings us a dark tale full of small town secrets and lies and I enjoyed losing myself in it so much that I read it in pretty much one session. Allie is such a fabulous creation you can’t help but want to mother her and wish her the happiness that she so desperately needs. Never Smile at Strangers was one of my favourite reads from last year and this series has just got better and better. More please!

I received a copy of this book via netgalley in return for an unbiased review.

Publication date 3rd May 2016

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  1. I read the first book, Never Smile At Stranger’s and really enjoyed it. The second book is somewhere in my tbr and this review has just reminded me of it. I must push it to the top and then read this one. Oh for more hours in the day. 😊 x


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