TBC 20/20 Bloggers Event Mondays Five All Time Favourites

I was asked last week to step in at the last moment to an event over on THE Book Club over on Facebook. Everyday for four days, twenty bloggers will post five of their all time favourite books with a brief description and why those books have made their top 20. So head on over there to check out everyone’s choices. As I love psychological suspense and thrillers I have chosen my top 20 favourite books with a twist and here are the first five!

1. A Place of Execution by Val McDermid

A journalist looking into the cold case of a missing 13 year old girl for a book she is writing, interviews the police officer who lead the search for her with far reaching consequences for them all.
This was my first Val McDermid book and my favourite-I re-read it every few years and am still amazed by her brilliance as a crime writer.

A Place of Execution is available at Amazon UK

2. Before I go to Sleep by S.J Watson

Every night a woman goes to sleep knowing that when she wakes up all her memories will have disappeared. But will a search to discover her past put her life in danger?
This book was unlike any book I had read up till that day. One of the cleverest plots I’ve ever come across. But please read the book do NOT WATCH THE FILM!

Before I Go To Sleep is available at Amazon UK

3. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Mia goes home from a bar one night with a stranger but is she about to make the worst mistake of her life?
OMG I still love this book so much and make everyone read it! What a clever and engrossing plot that you won’t truly appreciate until the last page! I bought copies for all my friends and family!

The Good Girl: An addictively suspenseful and gripping thriller is available at Amazon UK

4. One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

Lawyer Emily one day just ups and leaves behind  her beautiful home and happy family life to reinvent herself in London. But why? And will her past come back to haunt her?
EVERYONE, including Tina, herself knows how much I love and constantly recommend this book! It is the one that got me loving that BIG twist which I totally didn’t see coming. Not many people can fool me but this one certainly did and I’ve never forgotten that feeling of WOW!!!

One Step Too Far is available here at Amazon UK

5. Blood Ties by Sam Hayes (Samantha Hayes)

January 1992- a mother leaves a baby girl to pop into a shop, just long enough though for her to be taken. 13 years later and why does a mother not want her talented daughter to go to a school for the gifted in London? What is she hiding?
Again, everyone knows what a MASSIVE Samantha Hayes stalker (sorry I mean fan!) I am. I adore all her books but this is my very favourite-the first one I ever read. It shocked me totally!! I still have a very dog eared copy which I refuse to lend to people, I love it that much!

Blood Ties is available here at Amazon UK

So that’s it for my choices today!  I have included links to the kindle versions of the books on Amazon UK but am aware that as these books are older ones the kindle price may actually be higher than usual. Make sure your check back tomorrow for the next five. I have to add that they are in no particular order but are all in my top 20 favourite psychological thrillers/suspense of the past few years.


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