TBC 20/20 Blogger Event Wednesday Top Five

I’m over the half way mark now in my top 20 All time favourites that I’ve posted daily in THE Book Club 20/20 Blogger Event over on Facebook. I’ve added quite a few of the books mentioned by other bloggers to my wish list and have also loved seeing some great books that didn’t make my list (it was HARD to narrow it down!) have made it into others.

1. Asta’s Book by Barbara Vine

1905 Asta, her husband and their 2 little boys have left Denmark for London. Secrets are written in her diaries that are read many years later by her granddaughter. Are they the key to a missing child?
I have a very well worn paperback copy of this book I have had for years..it’s one of the few books I can happily read once every couple of years and still get something new from it each time. A beautifully written psychological suspense.

Asta’s Book: Psychological Thriller is available to purchase at Amazon UK

2. Sister by Rosamund Lupton

When Beatrice hears her sister Tess has gone missing she quickly flies home to London to search for her. But how much does she really know her own sister?
This is a truly gripping psychological suspense that again I have a well worn copy of alongside her other book Afterwards which makes me cry too much to read again! Beatrice is a fabulous strong woman character. And THAT ending!!!!!!

Sister is available for purchase at Amazon UK

3. Flowers for the Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite

Adam will do anything to make you happy, even if it kills you.
I have never EVER met a serial killer like Adam before in a book (or real life obviously!) One of the most unsettling books I have ever read so why did I love Adam so much!!?? A “fictional character crush” with a difference for me!

Flowers for the Dead is available to purchase at Amazon UK

4. The Burning Air by Erin Kelly

A family coming together in Devon for Bonfire night are all keeping secrets. But will those secrets come out before tragedy strikes?
Most of my top 20 books come with twists as I see them as a personal challenge to keep my grey matter young! This one has a great twist I did NOT SEE COMING!!

The Burning Air is available to purchase at Amazon UK

5. The Never List by Koethi Zan

Sarah and Jennifer keep a list of all the things NEVER to do, like get into a car with a stranger. But one night they break their own rules with terrifying consequences!
This was a book I found unputdownable! It’s addictive, gripping and scary!! It totally played on the fears I have for my girls when they are on nights out with friends -that one little thing can lead to them putting themselves in a dangerous position. Another one I bought for all my friends and family to read.

The Never List is available to purchase at Amazon UK


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11 thoughts on “TBC 20/20 Blogger Event Wednesday Top Five”

    1. I made a conscious decision to go for a lot of older books as I knew you and Noelle would have the others covered between you!! Some brilliant choices in this event-my wishlist is overflowing! X

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  1. I can thoroughly endorse your recommendation of Sisters – my mother nagged me to read it – and you’re right. That ending! It still winds me when I think of it…

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  2. Okay, Jo, you have to stop this! I read the description of the bottom one and said tha’s the one for me-then made my way up and did the same! I think the Never List jumps out the most, plus I want to see the character for Flowers for the dead-but still!!!!

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    1. This is the last day honest!!! The Never List is fabulous and she has a new book out in Feb that’s already on my wishlist! And FFTD is just unlike any serial killer book you will ever read! X


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