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I’m delighted to be on the blog tour today for the third Kerri Blasco book Watching You and huge thanks to author Joyce Schneider for inviting me to take part. And make sure you check out the other two stops today from the lovely Susan at Books from Dusk till Dawn and my #blogbestie Emma at damppebbles 


About this book…

A serial killer texts his victims first. A detective vows revenge. He comes after her.

In the chill of an October night, Detective Kerri Blasco is called to a bizarre murder scene. Leda Winfield, a young volunteer for the homeless, has been shot. Her cell phone displays the frightening text, WATCHING YOU, and into her back, hideously pushed with a hat pin, is a note with the same awful message. Leda’s socialite family and friends insist that no one would have wanted to harm her, but Detective Kerri isn’t convinced.

Until another random young woman is killed in exactly the same way. Kerri and her team profile a monstrous killer who enjoys terrifying his victims before stalking and killing them. But how does he get their phone numbers?

Kerri soon finds that the killer is after her, too, and that the key to finding him may just be in the homeless shelter. When the body count rises, she vows to stop the madman – even if it means battling her own personal trauma, risking her job, her love relationship with her boss Alex Brand, and her life.

My review…

Having read the first two Kerri Blasco books I was really looking forward to book 3 and I wasn’t disappointed! I have a real affection for Kerri and am enjoying following her personal story as this series progresses.

The case that Kerri is initially called to investigate is a rather chilling one. Why would anyone want to murder Leda? She’s loved by everyone and volunteers at a homeless shelter. But if the motive is a mystery then the way in which the murderer stalked her before hand is far more sinister. How was he able to text his victim beforehand? And when other victims follow, Kerri realises that not only is there a serial killer at large, he is watching Kerri herself and she needs to be on her guard against a very clever criminal.

This is an engrossing and intriguing addition to this series that managed to make my head spin with all the ins and outs of the twisty plot. Kerri is my kind of detective, a strong minded and intelligent female lead but with a vulnerability to soften her which especially comes out in her scenes with Alex. Sometimes I just wanted to shout at her for taking too many stupid risks but ultimately I knew I had to trust her! Joyce Schneider has created a personable detective here that the reader really cares about. Her likeability adds another level of tension especially when she finds herself taking unnecessary risks, endangering her own life to solve this crime.

I have a real soft spot for New York based crime thrillers and this series is one I’m enjoying following thanks to the authors easy flowing narrative and natural storytelling ability. If you love a fast paced thriller then this is one for you and don’t worry as it can easily be read as a standalone if you’ve not read others in the series.

Many thanks to the author for my advanced review copy of Watching You: A terrifying thriller with a mind-bending twist (Detective Kerri Blasco Book 3) which is available to purchase on Amazon

Meet the author…

J.A. Schneider

J.A. (Joyce Anne) Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek Magazine. She is the author of the Embryo medical thriller series, and of the Detective Kerri Blasco Police/Psychological Thrillers Fear Dreams, Her Last Breath, and Watching You.

She loves to hear from her readers. Her email address is joyce (at), her website is, and come say hi on Facebook Also join her website’s Newsletter to hear about sales and new books about to release! She lives with her family in Connecticut, loves gardening, and is working on her next Detective Kerri Blasco thriller.


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  1. Hello Jo!!

    Your review is beautiful, thank you so much! I really appreciate the time and heart you put into my book, and into your review.

    (I tried to tell you this on your blog, but the “comment” button wouldn’t work, plus I’ve been having issues with my WordPress password. Ugh, frustration!)

    Question: How many stars did you give the book? I re-read it twice, but didn’t see it. On the other hand, it’s still early in Connecticut.

    Again, HUGE thanks and warmest wishes to you! Joyce xx


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