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Book blurb…

With their relationship under pressure, is adopting a dog the best decision for Mervin and Landen? As they adapt to fit the animal into their busy lives a chance encounter with Dave and Sheri, the dog’s previous owners, develops into something more and the newfound friendship is tested to the limits.

Life is complicated when Landen loses her job following the discovery of her affair with a colleague and then she becomes involved in a police investigation into alleged money laundering and drug dealing at her old firm. She tries desperately to keep the sordid truth from Mervin as events begin to spiral out of control.

As the four lives overlap and criss-cross the one constant is their shared love of the dog named Moo. But the problems mount up. While Sheri and Mervin grow close as they struggle to help each other, it is the unlikely alliance between Sheri and Landen that leads to the dramatic climax. However, there is only room for one hero in this story – who will it be?

My review…

Now this was an unexpected little gem! A contemporary crime thriller with a touch of humour and full of quirky characters, I read it in one sitting enchanted by this off beat tale of two couples and the dog that brings their worlds crashing together.

I do enjoy having a love/hate relationship with the characters in my books and as soon as I was introduced to Landen I felt myself disliking her. This was mainly due to the way she treated Mervin as she was sleeping with a work colleague behind his back. But I didn’t take to Mervin that much to begin with either! And boy, did I get angry when they decided to get a dog!! Talk about an “elastoplast baby” using the addition of their new canine companion to help paper over the cracks in their relationship! I wasn’t particularly enamoured with ex criminal Dave so I spent most of the first few pages worried I wouldn’t be able to relate to ANY of the characters here but then, thank goodness, Sheri came to the rescue for me! I loved Sheri, finding her down to earth, funny and forthright-what the hell was she doing with Dave in the first place!? And I would have fought him tooth and nail to keep that dog no matter what! Buster/Moo was the star of the show here for me, teaching the humans a thing or two about loyalty and courage.

This charming book actually reminded me of those comedy dramas that the British do so well and I could see it transferring to the small screen with ease. It’s an intelligently written and lovingly crafted piece of fiction with an addictive storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Buster & Moo is available to purchase from Amazon UK. I received my review copy from the author in return for an honest review.

Meet the author…

Geoff Le Pard
I have been writing creatively since 2006 when at a summer school with my family I wrote a short radio play. That led to a novel, some more courses, more novels, each better than the last until I took an MA at Sheffield Hallam. I published my first novel in 2014 – Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle. In 2015 a second followed – My Father and Other Liars. In 2016 I have an anthology of short stories out, Life, in a Grain of Sand. Other novels can be found here. I write in a range of genres so there is something for everyone..
Before writing, I was a lawyer, ending up at the London Olympics. Now I mix writing with a mix of things, often walking to find inspiration or taking in a variety of sports events. I blog at Tangental – https://geofflepard.com/ and you can find more of my writing and poetry there.

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I am a Norfolk girl living in leafy Cheshire with my grumpy Scotsman. A mum and nana who lives for my family but who is also addicted to reading (and Marmite!) I will read almost anything but my preferred genres to review are psychological thrillers, crime procedural novels or women's fiction. My kindle is my life but I also have a substantial bookshelf in my cosy reading room where I can go to escape the stresses of family life with plenty of tea and chocolate. I am a member of netgalley and bookbridg. I review on Amazon, where I'm a Top 500 reviewer, and Goodreads. You can always find me over on Twitter @jocatrobertson for any review requests.

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