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Huge thanks must go to Noelle Holten for inviting me onto the blog tour for Barbara Copperthwaites lastest book Her Last Secret! I was thrilled to be asked as I’m a huge fan  and am delighted to be sharing my review with you today.

Book blurb…

Some secrets you can never tell.

Everyone thinks the Thomases are the perfect family: grand London house, gorgeous kids.

They don’t know wife Dominique is a paranoid wreck.

They don’t know husband Ben is trapped in a web of deceit.

They don’t know daughter Ruby lives in fear of the next abusive text.

But someone knows all their secrets.

Can the lies that bind them destroy them all?

This dark, gripping psychological thriller will have you holding your breath until the very last page. Fans of Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train will be captivated.

My review…

OMG!! This book!! Right from the very first page, I had the most terrible fear of what was about to occur to the Thomas family. That fear seemed to manifest itself into a nervous tension where I was in a constant state of anxiety, sometimes having to put the book down just to get my heartrate back down and have a nice calming cup of chamomile tea!

This book is going to appeal to everyone who loves a gripping storyline of domestic noir. One of the things that attracted me to Her Last Secret was that terrible fear of something happening to my very “ordinary” family. I’ve always been fascinated by cases in the media where something terrible has happened to a whole family and the neighbours are always so shocked saying things like ” But they were just a nice normal family! ” We never know what goes on behind closed doors and even within families, every single member can be hiding dark secrets at any one time. But what happens if all those secrets combine into a maelstrom of misunderstanding and deception? Here Barbara Copperthwaite takes that nice middle class family, whom others aspire to be like, and gives them all a dark and disturbing back story-except Mouse, the most adorable eight year old I have met within a fictional family in a very long time! We get to know and empathise with them whilst all the time sensing that something truly dreadful awaits this family, but who is responsible and why? The build-up to those answers delivered one of the best, most gripping and heartwrenching books I have read this year. I just HAD to know what happened but on the other hand, I DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW!! By the time I got to around the three quarters mark, my reading slowed right down, trying to delay the inevitably of this tragic tale. And I don’t really want to say anymore about the plot that that. This book needs to be read with an open mind, free of any preconceptions about individual characters. All I will say is that some of them you will love, some of them you will pity and one of them you will come to hate with every fibre of your being.

This was pretty much my perfect book. It surprised me which is a huge achievement as it takes a lot to bring something new to this genre! I love Barbara Copperthwaites writing style and here she has used it to deliver a deeply compelling and emotionally draining narrative that just took my breath away. I absolutely loved this book, it made a huge impact on me and left me with one of the biggest book hangovers I have had this year. Highly recommended by me!

Her Last Secret: A gripping psychological thriller is available to purchase now from Amazon UK. My review copy came from the publisher via netgalley.

Meet the author…

What people say about Barbara’s books:
“Will have you looking over your shoulder and under your bed… Original, gripping, with a deep psychological impact,” Sunday Mirror
“Enthralling, tense and moving,” Real People magazine
“Totally gripping, and scarily believable,” Bella magazineBarbara is the Amazon and USA Today bestselling author of psychological thrillers INVISIBLE, FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, and THE DARKEST LIES. Her latest book is HER LAST SECRET.Much of her success is thanks to her twenty-odd years’ experience as a national newspaper and magazine journalist. She’s interviewed the real victims of crime – and also those who have carried those crimes out. Thanks to people sharing their stories with her, she knows a lot about the emotional impact of violence and wrong-doing. That’s why her novels are dark, realistic and tackle not just the crime but its repercussions.

When not writing feverishly, she is often found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs.

To find out more about Barbara’s novels, go to http://www.facebook.com/AuthorBarbaraCopperthwaite or follow @BCopperthwait on Twitter. To find out more about Barbara go to http://www.barbaracopperthwaite.com


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