My Husband’s Lies by Caroline England #BlogTour

Today I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour for My Husband’s Lies by Caroline England. Many thanks to Sabah at Avon for inviting me.

About this book…

On the afternoon of Nick and Lisa’s wedding, their close friend is found poised on a hotel window ledge, ready to jump.

As the shock hits their friendship group, they soon realise that none of them are being as honest with themselves – or with each other – as they think.

And there are secrets lurking that could destroy everything.
Tense, disturbing and clever, My Husband’s Lies is a breath-taking read, perfect for fans of Lucy Clarke and Erin Kelly.

My review…

It’s wonderful when a local author “does good” so I’m overjoyed that Manchester ex-lawyer Caroline England continues her successful writing career with another best selling domestic noir. After the wonderful Beneath The Skin, here is another slice of deliciously dark and intensely voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of friends. If you’re one of those people who looks at their neighbours and acquaintances wondering if their rosy life is as perfect behind closed doors then this is the book for you!

At the very start of My Husband’s Lies, there is a rather shocking turn of events when a woman is discovered on the ledge of a hotel window on Nick and Lisa’s wedding day. Why is she there and what were her true intentions? We soon get to dig deeper into the true feelings of these supposedly happy couples to see that beneath the surface there are many secrets and lies, some of which are about to be uncovered. And no one will be able to escape unscathed.

What Caroline England does so well in her books is to really bring her characters to life. This is definitely a slow burner of a plot but it’s the characterisation that keeps you pushing through the narrative, desperate to uncover the life stories of her protagonists. The characters aren’t always very likeable and sometimes you will be despairing of the choices that they are making, but in the end you just want to be able to see them happy. Dan especially was a favourite of mine and the relationships he had were painfully breathtaking to go through with him.

Although this is a much darker book than Beneath The Surface, it isn’t depressing due to an unexpected humour and a real depth of feeling for the characters from the authors writing skills. The ending completely blindsided me as I wasn’t expecting the turns that the last few pages took. And once I did see where it was going, I wanted to desperately backtrack so that it didn’t!!

It did take me a while to get into My Husband’s Lies and work out in my mind who was who and who was with whom, as there were a lot of characters to remember within the first few chapters, but if you’re also struggling then do be aware that it does get easier to distinguish the relationships the more you read. This is a compelling insight into married life that will have you comparing notes with your girlfriends! Caroline England has a great future ahead of her!

Meet the author…

Caroline England
Born Yorkshire lass, Caroline studied Law at the University of Manchester and stayed over the border. Caroline was a divorce and professional indemnity lawyer and instigated her jottings when she deserted the law to bring up her three lovely daughters. In addition to the publication of her short story collection, Watching Horsepats Feed the Roses by ACHUKAbooks, Caroline has had short stories and poems published in a variety of literary publications and anthologies. She was shortlisted for the Impress Prize 2015, in the Pulp Idol 2016 finals and long listed for the UK Novel Writing Competition 2017.

Her debut novel, Beneath the Skin, was published by Avon HarperCollins on 5 October 2017. Her second novel My Husband’s Lies will be published by Avon HarperCollins on 17 May 2018.


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