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Today I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour to celebrate the paperback edition publication of Mad by Chloé Esposito, the first book in the Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know trilogy.

About this book…

What if you could take the life you’d always wanted?

Alvie has always been in the shadow of her glamorous sister Beth.

So when she’s invited to her identical twin’s luxurious Sicilian villa, Alvie accepts.

Who wouldn’t want seven days in the sun?

With Beth’s hot husband, the cute baby, the fast car and of course, the money.

The thing is it’s all too good to let go . . . and her sister Beth isn’t the golden girl she appears.

It’s Alvie’s chance to steal the life that she deserves.

If she can get away with it.

My review…

I’m sure you all know what attracted me to this book! Yes it’s a TWIN BOOK!! But I have to start by saying that, this is NOTHING like any twin book that I have ever read before! And thankfully my twin daughters are nothing like Alvie and Beth the identical twins in Mad. Actually, Alvie and Beth are mirror image twins who have an extreme case of mirroring as their internal organs are also mirrored. But that’s not the only difference between them as personality wise these girls are poles apart! Beth is the golden girl, living the life in Sicily with the rich, gorgeous husband and the perfect child. Alvie is living in a flat share London in a job she hates and who’s closest relationship is with her favourite sex toy! When she’s sacked from her job for watching porn she decides to accept her sisters seemingly generous invitation to visit her in Sicily. But it looks like Beth has an ulterior motive for the invite and Alvie is about to have all her dreams come true…if only she can just stay ahead of the game!

Alvie is the antithesis of her twin sister and I think she is a character that you will either love or hate! Thankfully I adored her from the moment I met her! She’s uncouth and self centred with no volume control but I couldn’t help but take to her! She also has a very open attitude to sex so be prepared for some very adult scenes and mature themes. This black comedy had me laughing out loud in so many places, so much so that my hubby banned me from reading it in bed as I kept waking him up with my snorts! But I just couldn’t help but cheer Alvie on, especially once the real reason for her requested presence becomes clear. Yes she’s a liability but when the flashbacks show how her relationships with her mother and twin sister have developed then I was able to understand exactly why she behaved in the way she did.  As a twin mum myself I got really ANGRY about the differences between the twins upbringing! Yes, my emotions were running very high as I read some of those rather distressing scenes and it was a real shock after the hilarity of the early stages of this book.

Chloe Esposito is a real find for me! And her debut novel Mad is exactly that….MAD!! It’s a crazy and addictive romp that triumphs over the nature versus nurture debate with plenty of unexpected turns and a heroine who should be unlikable but whom you just can’t help but cheer on. This is the first book in the Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know trilogy and I’m full of excited anticipation to read the next in the series. Mad is the ultimate beach read and I guarantee that if you see anyone reading it on your holiday this summer, they will be laughing out loud at the outrageous adventures of the irrepressible Alvie.

Very highly recommended by me.


I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Bad which I took to Italy with me recently. It was the perfect location to read it and so look out for my review which will be coming shortly! I will give you a little hint though….it’s just as good as it’s predecessor and possibly even funnier!

Meet the author…

Chloé Esposito is from Cheltenham and now lives in London. She has a BA and MA in English from Oxford University, where her dissertation focused on 19th-century feminist writers. She has been a senior management consultant, an English teacher at two of the UK’s top private schools and a fashion stylist at Condé Nast. She is 32, a graduate of the Faber Academy and is now writing full-time.


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