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About this book…

Five years ago, Geo’s first love was revealed as a terrifying serial killer.

But he escaped custody and went on the run.

Now, bodies have started turning up, killed in exactly the same way as before.

The message is clear: he’s making his way to her, one murder at a time…

My review…

I’m a HUGE fan of Jennifer Hillier and read Jar of Hearts as soon as I got a copy. Her previous books have been great but Jar of Hearts is…… OMG….. BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! And I use bloody in the literal sense here as I do have to warn that you may need a strong stomach for some of the scenes created here. This is a VERY dark and violent book with its fair share of blood and gore but I know that even if you want to put it down at certain points, you won’t physically be able to do so as you will have become completely addicted to this fascinating and involving thriller. I don’t know what this says about me but I have to tell you that I absolutely loved this book and it’s probably going to be making another appearance on here towards the end of the year when I lost my top 20 favourite reads of 2018!

Jar of Hearts starts with Geo (short for Georgina) on trial for her part in the murder of her best friend Angela Wong who was a victim of The Sweetbay Strangler, Calvin James, Geo’s boyfriend at the time. And having lived with what happened that night for 14 years, the successful career woman is now sentenced to jail after the discovery of Angela’s body proves that Geo knew more about her friends death than she had admitted at the time. Her old school friend Kaiser is an investigating police office on the case and when Calvin escapes from jail he thinks that Geo is the missing link in discovering what has happened to him. But delving into the past seems to stir up forgotten memories for them both and when more bodies start turning up, Geo is in greater danger than she ever was all those years ago.

This was such an unexpected pleasure for me as I followed Geo both in the present, as a successful business woman who loses everything when she goes to prison for 5 years, and in the past where we meet a rather different character in the teenage Geo. In fact all the characters here were well thought out and developed. I adored Kaiser and enjoyed peeling back the layers of his personality especially when I compared his present self with the teenage boy he once was. And I loved spotting references to the authors previous books as, although Jar of Hearts is a standalone novel, all her books are linked in some small way.

Jar of Hearts is a well written and exquisitely plotted novel that will grab you from the start and not let you go until those final shocking pages. It’s a disturbingly twisted tale of obsession and friendship with the scenes in the women’s prison particularly hard hitting but also simultaneously poignant. Although I was quick to pick up on some of the plot twists, there was still a full on shock value in the outcome to some of the threads that I didn’t see coming and that I am still thinking about even now! If, like me, you’re a fan of Lisa Gardner or you loved The Final Girls by Riley Sager as much as I did then you will definitely need to get your hands on a copy of Jar of Hearts.

Very highly recommended by me!!

Jar of Hearts: The ‘riveting, stand-out thriller’ perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner and Riley Sager is published on 2nd August 2018 and is available to purchase at Amazon UK (affiliates link). My review copy came from the publisher via netgalley.

Meet the author…

Jennifer Hillier was born and raised in Canada, but spent eight years living in the Seattle area of the United States, which is where all her books are set. Now back in Canada permanently, she lives with her husband and son just outside Toronto. She is the author of four previous thrillers, including Creep.

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