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Today I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for Ivy and Abe. Huge thanks to Katie Ashworth for my copy of the book and inviting me to take part

About this book…

Ivy is always destined to meet Abe.

But when is the RIGHT time? 

At school, as a free spirit in her twenties or when she is married . . . to someone else?

Perhaps they meet when she is a widow in her sixties? Or maybe he remains a stranger, glimpsed only fleetingly.

Ivy and Abe are soulmates. But what if they meet at the WRONG time, and fate and circumstance stand in Ivy’s way?

Told over Ivy’s lifetime, across a series of alternate realities, Ivy & Abe is a story for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if?’

My review…

One Day by David Nicholls is one of my very favourite books so I was attracted to Ivy and Abe by the comparisons to that book. Ivy and Abe is rather unique though in that it’s not a continuing storyline, rather a series of intriguing vignettes. When is the right time to meet your soulmate? Now, I am a huge believer in fate and how one little chance of direction can affect the ripples of time that spread out from that point but Elizabeth Enfield puts a totally different slant on this belief and each chapter has Ivy and Abe meeting for the first time at different points in their lives. The resulting relationships are all believable and with often unexpected outcomes.

It did take me a couple of chapters to feel comfortable with this unusual narrative and I would definitely recommend that you make sure you have time to read each complete chapter as each is a short story within itself and it’s definitely easier to follow one at a time. Each follows a different path, showing how age and circumstances come together to create believable and poignant snapshots of their love story. Sometimes things work and other times life and other mountains get in the way. I liked how it worked backwards starting with Ivy and Abe as pensioners and I think that the first story was possibly my favourite.

Elizabeth Enfield has crafted a mature love story that is full of emotion, using the “what if” scenario in a unique and timely manner. Her characters become unexpectedly familiar yet out of reach at the same time. There’s no predictability about any of realities explored with each one sharing a different path until we are back at the start and get to witness them meeting as children.

This is a moving and poignant love story between two wonderful characters that swept me away. Elizabeth Enfield writes beautifully with a true understanding of love, loss and friendship. Ivy and Abe will capture your heart in this unforgettable series of encounters that will make you think about lost opportunities, past loves and confirm that nothing in life is ever guaranteed so the time to grab your happiness is NOW!

Ivy and Abe: The Epic Love Story You Won’t Want To Miss is available to purchase at Amazon UK (affiliates link). My review copy came from the publisher.

Meet the author…

Elizabeth Enfield

Elizabeth Enfield worked as a journalist and producer for BBC radio, before going freelance and now contributes to numerous national newspapers and magazines. Her short stories have been broadcast on Radio 4 and are published in various magazines.

She was previously published under the name Lizzie Enfield.

@lizzieenfield on Twitter
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