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I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for In Her Bones by best selling author Kate Moretti today.

About this book…

New York Times bestselling author Kate Moretti ‘ s (The Vanishing Year) latest novel follows the daughter of a convicted serial killer who finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation.

Fifteen years ago, Lilith Wade was arrested for the brutal murder of six women. After a death row conviction and media frenzy, her thirty-year-old daughter Edie is a recovering alcoholic with a deadend city job, just trying to survive out of the spotlight.

Edie also has a disturbing secret: a growing obsession with the families of Lilith’s victims. She’s desperate to discover how they’ve managed—or failed—to move on, and whether they’ve fared better than her. She’s been careful to keep her distance, until the day one of them is found murdered and she quickly becomes the prime suspect. Edie remembers nothing of the night of the death, and must get to the truth before the police—or the real killer—find her.

My review…

I’m a big fan of Kate Moretti and have really enjoyed her other books. So I was looking forward to In Her Bones, especially as the blurb really grabbed me as soon as I saw it! I’ve always been fascinated by how the families of serial killers cope when their family members crimes eventually come to light. How do they reconcile their feelings of love for their relative with their disgust for the heinous acts they have committed? Using the clever technique of interspersing a true crime novel “The Serrated Edge” as a storytelling tool, meant that In Her Bones often felt like a real life criminal case so my interest was piqued straight away.

Edie is the daughter of Lilith Wade, a notorious serial killer. The publication of a best selling book about the murders Lilith committed means that Edie needs to keep a low public profile and therefore she doesn’t visit her mother in prison at all and has no social life to speak of. A relationship with the arresting police officer means she has a guardian angel looking out for her but her obsession with the relatives of her mother’s victims is about to make her the prime suspect when one of them is found murdered. After all the apple never falls far from the tree…or does it?

This is a clever and intriguing storyline that grabbed my attention the minute I started to read it. The narrative is broken up with extracts from the book about Lilith Wade which formed a fascinating background to the day by day account of Edie’s struggle to find out what happened the night of the murder. There were lots of characters brought in through this technique of pulling the story together so there were plenty of suspects to throw the reader off the scent! And I liked the way the extracts examined other people’s opinions about Lilith without trying to prove her innocence.

Kate Moretti always writes strong, memorable female characters and Edie is one of her most fascinating yet. She was intriguing and multifaceted but it did take me a while to work out whether I actually liked her or not! Not that my opinion makes any difference to my enjoyment of the storyline, in fact I usually prefer books that keep me guessing about a characters true intentions, but it was driving me mad that I couldn’t pull back the layers of Edies personality immediately. I actually loved how Edie acted differently depending on who she was interacting with but gradually the real Edie became exposed and I felt I understood her motives more.

I can thoroughly recommend In Her Bones to fans of Kate Moretti who have read her previous books or as a great starting point if you’ve never read her before. If you’re a fan of true life crime stories then I also think that you’ll enjoy the comparisons here as the addition of The Serrated Edge chapters felt realistic and almost voyeuristic in nature.

A darkly compelling crime thriller that will leave you breathless. Highly recommended by me!

Meet the author…

Kate Moretti is the New York Times bestselling author of Thought I Knew You, Binds That Tie, and While You Were Gone. She lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids. Find out more at or follow her on Twitter: @KateMoretti1 or Facebook: /KateMorettiWriter.

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