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Today I’m thrilled to be able to share my review of The Day We Met by Roxie Cooper. Many thanks to Anne Cater to my invite onto the tour!

About this book…

Ten years, two people and one twisty, epic love story that asks what happens when you meet your soulmate after you’re already engaged to someone else?

The Day We Met is an epic will-they-won’t-they love story with a twist. A timely exploration of modern society and complex, emotional relationships, this is beautiful, bold storytelling about characters that will stay with every single reader . . .

Stephanie and Jamie are meant to be.

The problem is they’re both with other people.

When Stephanie and Jamie meet one fateful weekend in 2006, it sparks a tumultuous relationship which spans over a decade. The day they meet changes everything . . .

My review…

I was rather bemused when my review copy of The Day We Met turned up with a little packet of tissues but all I can say now is….WHY WAS THE PACKET SO BLOOMING SMALL?!?! Honestly, this book should come with the biggest box of man-sized (even though this has now been deemed politically incorrect-you know the ones I mean!) tissues you can get!! I didn’t just have a tear in my eye whilst reading this wonderfully endearing book, I had the snottiest, snuffliest, drippiest deluge of fat tears dripping down my face and onto my pillow. My poor little doggie who sleeps there (I know! Don’t judge me!!!) nearly got swept away in them and was obviously worried about me as she didn’t leave my side all night and I woke up to her licking the dried tears off my cheeks! But enough of my red and swollen eyes and more about this sublime love story that made me wonder why I’ve never read Roxie Cooper before!

When a publisher compares a book to One Day then they better be very confident about their claims as that book is one of my most favourite ever pieces of fiction. But The Day We Met lives up to that comparison with bells on! Two of the most well developed and likeable characters that I’ve ever come across really made this book for me. I adored both Jamie and Stephanie in equal measure as the book gave their relationship the perfect balance of intimacy and friendship.

When Stephanie meets Jamie while on an art retreat course booked by her fiancé there are sparks straight away even though he is married to wife Helen. They may be with other people but they are drawn together by a magnetism that is impossible to bypass. Over the next ten years their relationship travels over peaks and troughs as their respective lives lead them in different directions but at the same time towards the inevitable. And I lived through those years with them as though I were actually part of their story. I laughed, I cried, I raged at them both and I became involved in a way I hadn’t been expecting when I turned that first page.

This is a perfectly pitched book, defining the steps of a contemporary love with an emotionally stimulating narrative that was just so beautifully written. I loved every single page. And let’s talk about that ending!!! Actually let’s not! You’ll just have to read it for yourselves.

Highly recommended by me!

About the author…

Roxie Cooper lives in Yarm, a pretty little market town in the North-East. After reading Classics at Newcastle University, she realised she needed a break from studying Latin, Ancient Greek and all that serious stuff, so naturally, she became a dancer in a nightclub (à la Coyote Ugly) for a few years before going to live in Australia. When she returned, she swapped dancing on a bar, to practising at the Bar, and became a barrister for 7 years. Twitter/Instagram @toodletinkbaby.

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