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About this book…

The book behind the sensational Netflix series The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer was born out of more than 150 hours of exclusive interview footage with Bundy himself, recorded on death row before his execution in a Florida electric chair.

Bundy’s shocking eleventh-hour confessions to journalists Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth provide a horrifying insight into the twisted mind of America’s most notorious serial killer.

He was a sadistic monster.

A master manipulator.

His grisly killing spree left at least 30 innocent young women dead.

This is Ted Bundy in his own words.

My review…

I do love true crime novels and I’m sure many of us do! There’s a real sense of intrigue about serial killers especially those who have lived among us and seemed to have been living “normal” everyday lives. I think the fascination with Ted Bundy for most people is that he was an intelligent, personable and likeable person who had normal relationships but hide the very dark side of his crimes from those who loved him. He just seemed so NORMAL and TRUSTWORTHY but it was those two character traits that helped him to commit some of the most heinous crimes that America have ever seen. His subsequent trial and his well planned escapes also seem to have drawn the public (especially young women) to champion his innocence. His notoriety was in itself an attraction and that fascination has remained high even though he was executed for his crimes a very long time ago. But he has long remained an enigma to many people who want to try and understand why he acted the way he did. The film starring Zac Efron (an inspired piece of casting due to the attractive attributes of a actor who has huge appeal!) has once again raised awareness of the case. And there was also the recent Netflix documentary which was based on this book so it was perfect timing for me to pick this up to read. I’ve already read the Ann Rule book The Stranger Beside Me, so this worked as the perfect companion book for me.

You probably won’t learn anything new about the case here that you don’t know already if you’re familiar with Ted Bundy but it is fascinating to read his own words and see for yourself just how manipulative and narcissistic this man really was. He liked to play games with his interviewers here, giving just enough but never really completely opening up to them. Every word seems to be very carefully chosen by him to maintain his “character” and I can see why these interviews could have been very frustrating to the two men writing this book. The twisted way in which he continued to keep the public’s attention on him, using his magnetism right up until the very end is very clearly defined by his attitude to the interviewers. This remarkable book gives the serial killer a voice from beyond the grave as it investigates the compulsive urges that lead to his double life. And the experience of these writers makes this an intelligent insight into the mind of a master manipulator and sociopath who remains a curiosity today to everyone interested in the dark side of human nature.

Meet the authors…

Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth have co-authored five books together. Michaud writes extensively on criminal justice topics. He maintains a website at stephenmichaud.com. Aynseworth has 50 years experience as a reporter, writer, editor, and publisher. Currently, he is Southwest Bureau Chief for the Washington Times.


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    1. Yes well worth a read if you’ve “enjoyed” those! He’s such a complex and fascinating “bogeyman” of a character that I think the fascination with him will always be there!


    1. I liked both but for different reasons! The Netflix series was fascinating but Zac Efron was just mesmerising as Bundy. Without him I don’t think it would have been anywhere near as good to be honest! Weirdly enough my hairdresser watched it without having ever heard of Ted Bundy and it was strange to hear her thoughts on it as she kept thinking he would get away with it because they wouldn’t cast Zac Efron as a truly evil character!!


      1. Yeah the Netflix series was amazing! I think I enjoyed it more because you seen the real life tapes but Zac efron did a great job of playing Bundy will have to give these a read!!

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