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About this book…

You have it all. Success; a beautiful home; a happy family.

And then in a heartbeat it’s gone; your life changed for ever.

You return home to find your beautiful daughter has been taken and a ransom demand left in her place.

More worrying still is the fact that the kidnappers seem to know everything about you, including dark secrets from your past you would rather forget.

They can see you, they warn, and they will know if you tell the police.

But this is no ordinary abduction. This is something far worse and within hours you are on the run with only one thought running through your head.

That you will do anything to get your daughter back. 

Even commit murder…

My review…

I’ve been a Simon Kernick fan for many years now and every single book he brings out is cause for celebration for me! I’ve enjoyed all the standalone books and the series (Tina Boyd was a particular favourite of mine!) but I was a little unsure when I read the blurb for We Can See You as it sounded a more commercial and lightweight read than I’m used to. But I needn’t have worried! We Can See You is an adrenaline fuelled race against time with some unexpected twists that blew me away and I loved every minute of this blood pressure raising thriller!

Brook Connor returns home one night expecting her daughter Paige and housekeeper Rosa to be there to greet her. When she discovers an empty house, her panic turns to sheer terror when she realises Paige has been kidnapped. What follows is a mothers determination to bring back her child, fighting against unknown perpetrators and never knowing who to trust. We meet Brook as she faces a present day police interrogation and then flashback to the days leading up to her arrest. There are plenty of shocks in store for both Brook and the reader as we gradually become aware of why Paige has been kidnapped but I have to admit to not having had a clue, until it slapped me soundly in the face, who was behind everything.

I’ll warn you now, don’t start this book unless you can give it some serious attention as it’s one of those that completely sweeps you along from chapter to enthralling chapter. The characters aren’t always that likeable to be fair and they make some really stupid rookie mistakes at times but that just encouraged me to gleefully enjoy their downfalls even more once they came! There’s not a lot of time for detailed character development due to the book moving at such a speedy pace but I still managed to get a feel for their personalities, gaining plenty of clues along the way.

We Can See You is a gripping crime thriller with a cleverly crafted storyline. A fantastic read from start to finish.

Meet the author…

Simon Kernick is one of Britain’s most exciting thriller writers. He arrived on the crime writing scene with his highly acclaimed debut novel The Business of Dying, the story of a corrupt cop moonlighting as a hitman. Simon’s big breakthrough came with his novel Relentless which was the biggest selling thriller of 2007. His most recent crime thrillers include Siege, Ultimatum, Stay Aliveand The Final Minute. He is also the author of the bestselling three-part serial thrillers Dead Man’s Gift and One By One.

Simon talks both on and off the record to members of the Counter Terrorism Command and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, so he gets to hear first hand what actually happens in the dark and murky underbelly of UK crime.


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