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Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for the second book from Louisa de Lang, Ask Me No Questions. Huge thanks to Orion for my blog tour invite and review copy of the book.

About the book…


As children, Gabi and Thea were like most identical twin sisters: inseparable.

Now adults, Gabi is in a coma following a vicious attack and Thea claims that, until last week, the twins hadn’t spoken in fifteen years. But what caused such a significant separation? And what brought them back together so suddenly?

Digging into the case, DS Kate Munro is convinced the crime was personal. Now she must separate the truth from the lies and find the dangerous assailant – before any more blood is spilled . . .

My review…

I adored Louisa de Langes first book The Dream Wife so I felt like I was in a dream myself when I opened up my ARC of Ask Me No Questions and saw a quote from my review of that book!

So I was a bit worried when I realised that her second book was more of a police procedural than a psychological thriller but Ask Me No Questions was brilliant-a character driven thriller with a flawed police detective at its heart and a twin relationship that is well developed and intriguing.

When Gabi is found unconscious in a park, the first person the police contact, when they finally identify her, is her identical twin sister Thea. But Thea says she hasn’t spoken to her sister in over 15 years. As a mum of twins myself, I know how close the bond between twins is-especially identical twin girls-and I know that it takes a lot to break that very unique bond. So what had happened between the twins? From the start it looks like the murder of their parents when they were 18 may have something to do with it. But the perpetrator of that crime is in prison after admitting to killing them so if not that then what? I was completely baffled by the motive for this vile attack on a defenceless woman. But there are so many twists and turns here and new clues were constantly being drip fed into the narrative so there was always fresh information coming to light that may or may not be relevant to the case. Oh she loves a red herring does Louisa de Lange!

It was refreshing to have a flawed female detective at the heart of solving the crime here. Kate has problems in her personal life but admitting them to others, let alone herself, is a mountain that’s hard to climb. So instead she coasts along, good at her job but suffering inside and making choices she admits she probably shouldn’t. And this was my favourite part of the narrative, watching Kate wrestle her reflected self in a fight that mirrored the relationship between Thea and Gabi. And I can’t wait to meet her again in future books to follow her development further.

Ask Me No Questions is a thoughtful and addictive crime novel with a strong storyline. I loved it!

Meet the author…

Louisa de Lange studied Psychology at the University of Southampton and has lived in and around the city ever since. She works as a freelance copywriter and editor, and when she’s not writing, she can be found pounding the streets in running shoes or swimming in muddy lakes.

Ask Me No Questions is her second novel, and the first in the DS Kate Munro crime series.

To find out more, you can follow her on Twitter @paperclipgirl.

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