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So we’re now on day 4 of my Mel Comley catch up! Mel has recently started a new series (see I TOLD you she is a writing machine!) and Murder at The Wedding is the first in her cosy crime series series set in Carmel Cove. Murder At The Wedding came out on October 18th with Murder At The Hotel due on November 18th and Murder By The Sea on December 18th. Many thanks to Mel Comley for my review copy of the book.

About this book…

Private investigator, Ruth Morgan, detests weddings, but when her best friend is about to get hitched, she finds it impossible to turn down the invitation.

A beautiful wedding, until the final kiss when the festivities turn sinister. The venue is now a murder scene.

Ruth quickly becomes frustrated by the fact the local inspector in charge of the case proves to be hopeless at her job. Therefore, it’s down to Ruth to use her intrepid skills to find the murderer.

The more she digs, the more she learns about the victim and the web of lies he has spun over the years.

Ruth uncovers an extensive list of suspects, all of whom have a legitimate motive for wanting the victim dead.

But who is the murderer, and will Ruth solve the case before the inept local police?

This is the first novel in the Carmel Cove Cozy Mystery series.

My review…

So it’s time to make the acquaintance of a new heroine in a new series by M.A. Comley. I love a bit of cosy crime and I love a bit of Agatha Christie too so was looking forward to Murder At The Wedding. And I think the first thing I want to say is that this series would make a brilliant tv adaptation to fill that Sunday night spot on the tv. I can already visualise Ruth and know exactly who I would choose to play her!

Ruth isn’t a big fan of weddings but she wouldn’t miss her best friends wedding day for the world, even though she turned down the chance to wear a lovely bridesmaid dress on the day!! As a private investigator Ruth’s skills will be unexpectedly put to good use when there is a death by the end of the days festivities especially when her nemesis Inspector Littlejohn is brought in to investigate for the local police. Can Ruth use the clues she picked up on the day as a guest to solve the case before the police force do? And will her boyfriend ever get Ruth to accept his proposal?! Well, you’ll have to read it to find out!

One thing I will say is to try not to read any reviews before you go into Murder At The Wedding as I found some of them to mention who gets murdered which isn’t mentioned in the blurb for the book and I felt was a bit of a spoiler as the actual murder didn’t happen until about a quarter of the way through. Although I had a pretty good idea of who it would be, I still wish I hadn’t happened upon the reviews that told me. But apart from that Murder At The Wedding was a really enjoyable read! There was a “Death in Paradise” feel to it crossed with “Murder She Wrote” but set in a fictional village in England where everyone knew everyone else’s business! I wasn’t sure about Ruth to begin with and I do think she needs to grow on me a little more still. I felt really sorry for her partner due to her refusal to marry him but I wasn’t sure if she annoyed me more for being so negative about marriage or him for never shutting up about it!! I just love being a fly on the wall of people’s relationships don’t you?!

Murder At The Hotel is a twisty mystery where you never know who to trust. Ruth did a fantastic job of seeking out the guilty party although she needs to watch her boastful attitude as it’s not an attractive feature even when she’s trying to get one over on the local police chief! I’m keeping an open mind about her at the moment but I am looking forward to seeing how she develops over the series.

Murder At The Wedding is out now.

Meet the author…

M A Comley is a KINDLE UNLIMITED ALL-STAR author as well as being a New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, she has topped the book charts on iBooks as a top 5 bestselling and reached #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. Over two and a half million copies sold world wide. She’s a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that’s when she turned her hobby into a career. 

When she’s not writing crime novels she’s either reading them or going on long walks with her rescue pup Labrador, Dex.

Here’s a list of her books, Cruel Justice, Impeding Justice, Final Justice, Foul Justice, Guaranteed Justice, Ultimate Justice, Virtual Justice, Hostile Justice, Tortured Justice, Rough Justice, Dubious Justice, Calculated Justice, Twisted Justice, Prime Justice, Heroic Justice, Shameful Justice and Immoral Justice. There are several novellas and short stories in the series too.

No Right To Kill, Killer Blow, The Dead Can’t Speak and Deluded in the DI Sara Ramsey series. 

Her other successful series are: The DI Sally Parker thriller series, which includes WRONG PLACE, NO HIDING PLACE, COLD CASE, Deadly encounter and Lost Innocence

The DI Kayli Bright Trilogy – The Missing Children, Killer on the Run, Hidden Agenda, Murderous Betrayal and Dying Breath. 


There are three books in the Intention series, Sole Intention, Grave Intention and Devious Intention.

Plus a couple of standalone novels – EVIL IN DISGUISE and FOREVER WATCHING YOU.

As well as co-authoring the Deception Series co-authored by fellow NY Times bestselling author, Linda S Prather Clever Deception, Tragic Deception and Sinful Deception.

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