Lazy Sunday Morning Catch Up With My Chestnut Reading Tree

I can’t believe that today is the first day of December! In fact where has 2019 disappeared too let alone November?! I thought I would pop on to do a wee personal update as I’m aware I’ve not been as “social” as I normally am which kind of defeats the purpose of social media! But I have managed a few pics of my recent book post even if I’ve not had time to actually read them yet!

Work has been so busy recently and with the run up to Christmas it’s going to get even worse. But it’s left me susceptible to every single bug going! Having been in close contact with Scarlet Fever, I developed an awful throat infection that knocked me out totally for 4 days but thankfully didn’t develop into the dreaded Scarlet Fever! But 4 days later I got the most awful cold that has also wiped me out! I’m not one to feel sorry for myself or take time off work but both of these have really knocked me for six. All I need now is the Norovirus that’s doing the rounds for a hat trick!! Anyway, I’m starting to feel more myself again now but I’ve realised that I’m just doing too much so need to calm it down a little. Having done 3 online courses since September I stupidly signed up for a 4th and that’s taking me away from my blogging and reading while I finish it. So come February when it’s hopefully finished and I’ve passed, I have decided NO MORE COURSES!!! Well, not until September at least!!

I have normally started to plan my Countdown to Christmas posts by now but to be honest I’ve just not have time to even think about them! So it may be a 12 day countdown on the lead up to Christmas Day with my favourite book for each month of 2019. And I still haven’t achieved my Goodreads challenge for 2019!!

I still have 27 to go before midnight strikes in December 31st! So wish me luck!

I took park in my first ever book swap over on Instagram this month which is organised by @busymamabookclub and I was paired with the lovely Kelly. We had a little chat about the Remember Remember theme before we organised a surprise box of goodies for each other. I was so pleased with what she chose for me and I’m looking forward to taking part again next year.

I am so looking forward to some family time once I finish work for Christmas. Our fifth grandchild was born on October 31st (our own little Halloween pumpkin!) so it will be lovely to spend some quality time with him. It’s going to be an expensive time of year though as we have two grandchildren with birthdays this month plus 5 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren for Christmas this year!!

I’ve just started to read I Dare You by Sam Carrington in preparation for the blog tour later this month so after I’ve finished my coursework for the day I’m going to cuddle up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and my book.

Happy reading everyone!

Jo xx

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    1. I know! We had so many off with it at school and I was surprised it was doing the rounds again after such a long time!
      Thank you! I can cope with these but vomiting bugs…not so much! So fingers crossed!

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