Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar

What’s this book about?

Meg and her daughter Grace are the most beloved family in Ashford, the lynchpin that holds the community together. 

So when Meg is found brutally murdered and her daughter missing, the town is rocked by the crime. Not least because Grace has been sick for years – and may only have days to live.

Who would murder a mother who sacrificed everything, and take a teenager away from the medication that could save her life? Everyone is searching for an answer, but sometimes the truth can kill you . . .

What did I think?

Firstly I must say please don’t look up the case that this book is based upon as it will act as a huge spoiler!! I already knew the case (being the big true crime junkie that I am!) and that probably did mean that this book didn’t shock me the way it hopefully will others but that didn’t stop me being completely immersed in the details of this book. I loved Emily Elgar’s last novel so I already knew that I liked her writing and here she really develops her craft by creating some clever and complex relationships between her characters that will leave your jaw firmly on the floor.

Meg and Grace have a mother and daughter relationship that is the envy of most in their small community. Meg has given her life to looking after her daughter who has been sick since she was very young and she is respected and admired by everyone. So it’s a huge shock when she is found murdered but even worse, Grace is missing. So it’s a race against time to find her as without her meds, Grace is going to start getting very very sick indeed…

This is such an addictive book that I guarantee that one you pick it up you won’t want to be putting it down again for some time! You are swept along as though part of the search party itself. The desperation builds and the tension tightens around your chest as you follow the race against time speeding towards its shocking conclusion. I couldn’t put it down!

Highly recommended by me!

Who’s the author?

Emily Elgar

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