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A young woman finds herself on the wrong side of the law in The Knock, a gripping gangland thriller from top ten bestselling author Jessie Keane.

Dora O’Brien had a good start in life, but things went bad when she began to mix with the wrong company. Pregnant by her gangster lover, she found herself on the streets and then in the grips of a bent copper called Donny Maguire.

When her daughter Angel is born, Dora is already under the influence of drink and drugs, and handed around to Donny’s mates. Growing up in the shadow of her mother’s abusive relationship, Angel is nothing like her mother, but when matters turn murderous, Angel is forced to grow up fast and survival becomes the name of the game.

For some, being on the wrong side of the law is the safest place to be . . . 

No one uncovers the underworld like Jessie Keane.

The Knock is a fabulous gangland thriller that had me glued to my seat whenever I had it in my hands! It’s the unputdownable, compelling story of a mother and daughter, who both struggle to escape the attention their looks have brought them, as they constantly await the next knock at the door. And there are plenty of those knocks throughout this thrilling narrative and most of them are very unwelcome indeed!

Dora O’Brien was her mother’s favourite daughter and her two sisters have never forgiven her for it. But when she begins dating a man they disapprove of, she ends up getting involved in some pretty serious crimes. Unfortunately, after she becomes pregnant she’s left to cope on her own-especially now her “baby daddy” is locked away in prison for the foreseeable future. And once Angel is born it looks like the sins of the mother are hard to escape for her daughter as well…

Jessie Keane knows how to write a gripping gangland drama and here she brings us a stand-alone novel featuring Dora and her daughter Angel (Although the eagle eyed amongst you may notice a guest appearance from a character you might know!) If this is your first Jessie Keane then I know you’re going to want to read through her entire back catalogue after The Knock. But if you’re already a huge fan (like me!) then you are going to be thrilled by this new standalone book! With its short chapters that instantly suck you in, it makes “just one more chapter” an impossibility as you remain addicted to this harrowing storyline. The Knock takes a dysfunctional family relationship and then explodes it to the next level. Mother/daughter relationships are difficult enough at times but for Angel, her mothers decisions always seem to make her life just that little bit more difficult than it surely could have been. I wasn’t completely sure I particularly liked Dora much at times but her circumstances were difficult and who knows how far you could walk in another woman’s shoes so it just wasn’t feasible to hate her for what she does. She was just a victim of her own bad choices in the past and had no way out-even though to begin with she did try her best.

The Knock is shocking, eye-opening and gritty with a large helping of realism thrown in for good measure. I loved every single page from start to finish and it’s definitely the best book within its genre so far this year. Highly recommended!

Jessie Keane is a Sunday Times top ten bestselling author. She’s lived both ends of the social spectrum, and her fascination with London’s underworld led her to write Dirty Game, followed by bestsellers Black Widow,Scarlet Women, Jail Bird, The Make, Playing Dead, Nameless, Ruthless (the fifth book to feature Annie Carter), Lawless and Dangerous. Jessie’s books have sold more than 750,000 copies. She lives in Hampshire.

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