Lazy Sunday Catch Up on My Chestnut Reading Tree

It’s been ages since I did a catch up but as I sit here doing a protein treatment on my hair, I thought it would be nice to say hello!

I’ve been looking back at blog posts from previous years the last few days because I’ve got the feeling something is “missing” from my blog at the moment! I’m not sure what but I just have this very strange feeling of being on the outside looking in. My passion for books, reading and blogging is as strong as ever but I’m not feeling connected. It’s a strange position to be in but one I’m trying to rectify by engaging more as I know I’m very guilty of not interacting as much as I used to. Most of that is due to work commitments which can see me working 40+ hours a week plus I’m STILL doing coursework having had a question in my last assignment referred back. Having been someone who thrives on a busy life, I’m now thinking I may need to slow down a little!

Anyway, back to books and it was great to attend the Orenda Roadshow on Wednesday! It was my 3rd year of attending and I took along Kerry-Louise who blogs at BookBeforeULeap for her 1st so I could introduce her to the delights of Orenda Books! We had a great journey to the Wirral and back again, talking all things books and putting the world to rights. She was so poorly bless her but didn’t want to let me down and I’m so grateful to her for driving us there! It was such a great evening and I was thrilled to be able to chat to Louise Beech, Michael J Malone, Johana Gustawsson and Karen Sullivan before the main event and get a copy of I Am Dust included with the price of my ticket for the event. I have been desperate to get my hands on a paperback copy to add to my Louise Beech collection especially as I read a pdf copy last year and mine was the first review up on Goodreads for it! It’s AMAZING and you’ll be able to read my full review for the upcoming blog tour so watch this space for more news on that!

Louise, Me (excuse the bad hair!) Karen and Kerry-Louise before the main event

I also saw the lovely Jen and Mandie who were following the Orenda Roadshow around the country and will definitely be needing new bookcases soon!

Right I’m off to rinse off my protein pack! I’m still persevering with the Curly Girl method of looking after my hair at the moment! I know it will take a while to bring back my curls after years of mistreating them but I’m hoping that I will start seeing results soon!

Happy reading everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Catch Up on My Chestnut Reading Tree”

  1. I did the Southwell event on Thursday (and saw Jen and Mandie, of course), and they ran out of copies of I Am Dust before I could buy any. Had to ‘make do’ with Call Me Star Girl…
    They’re great events. I’ll definitely do another one.
    Hope you get your mojo back!

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    1. It’s slowly coming back! Found out I passed my course so that’s one less thing to worry about now.
      Yes this was my 3rd Roadshow although I was going to the 4th one but got stuck on a train for hours and missed it 😂 as I do!
      Louise’s books are amazing and Call Me Star Girl is just brilliant. Reminded me in essence of Play Misty For Me one of my favourite films.

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      1. Well done! Hopefully you can relax a bit now (obviously, it’s all relative – who really has time to relax on a regular basis these days?).
        Not sure when I’ll get to Louise’s book (I seem to be acquiring a lot recently, and am still catching up on books I bought at events I went to last summer), but I am looking forward to it. I heard very good things about it when it was released.


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