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Pensioner Felix Pink is about to find out that it’s never too late . . . for life to go horribly wrong.

When Felix lets himself in to Number 3 Black Lane, he’s there to perform an act of charity: to keep a dying man company as he takes his final breath . . . 

But just fifteen minutes later Felix is on the run from the police – after making the biggest mistake of his life.

Now his world is turned upside down as he must find out if he’s really to blame, or if something much more sinister is at play. All while staying one shaky step ahead of the law.

So I have to just start by saying…THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF THE YEAR SO FAR!! And it will take a lot to tip it off that pedestal! At the moment of writing the publication date is June 25th but as the publishing world is also living in the same surreal 2020 that we all are, I felt I just had to make sure you were aware of this book to get your preorders in! I’ve been a huge Belinda Bauer fan for years now and always preorder her books but this is definitely one I think everyone needs to read! It’s a sharply observed novel with a very dark humour and one of the most memorable and engaging serial killers that you will ever meet! I found myself laughing out loud at times (most of them totally inappropriate!) so if “gallows humour” is your thing then this book is definitely for you.

Felix Pink is a pensioner with an unusual pastime. He’s an Exiteer, someone who will provide the service of assisted suicide for those who no longer want to live but want to depart this world on their terms. Working with a partner, they both use a pseudonym when they meet up to assist those suffering to end their own lives. But they do get to go for a nice cuppa and a chat afterwards. When his usual partner decides to quit, Felix is paired with a young woman and their first job together descends into chaos when they make a very serious mistake and find themselves wanted for murder. But something doesn’t sit right with Felix and he has to stay one step ahead of everyone to work out what feels off about this latest mission (and ofcourse why!) before it puts his own life in danger…

Belinda Bauer has delivered a perfectly plotted novel that kept me on my toes throughout. It is deliciously dark, with a fabulous cast of quirky characters plus the odd unexpected twist thrown in for good measure! Felix wasn’t at all the man I was expecting from the blurb and I thoroughly enjoyed following him and his interactions with the other characters he becomes entangled with. I liked the fact I couldn’t predict his actions, even when I thought I knew him better, as Felix constantly surprised me. There is still a crime mystery to be solved though and here it’s up to Calvin, a young police officer, who gets to work through all the evidence pointing the finger at Felix. Calvin is another character that surprised me as my opinions on his integrity really did change quite dramatically towards the end-no spoilers here though so you will have to read Exit yourselves to work out why.

Exit is a book I want to unread just so that I can read the whole thing again for the first time! It was just incredible from start to finish. Funny, shocking and a little bit wicked at times, Exit smashed my expectations and I loved it from beginning to end.

Belinda Bauer grew up in England and South Africa and now lives in Wales. She worked as a journalist and a screenwriter before finally writing a book to appease her nagging mother. 

For her debut, Blacklands, Belinda was awarded the CWA Gold Dagger for Crime Novel of the Year. She went on to win the CWA Dagger in the Library for her body of work. Her fourth novel, Rubbernecker, was voted Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year. Her eighth novel, Snap, was a Sunday Times bestseller. It was longlisted for the Man Booker prize and voted Crime & Thriller Book of the Year at the Specsavers National Book Awards. 

Her books have been translated into twenty-five languages.

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