M.A. Comley catch up day! The Lies She Told and For The Love Of… #DISaraRamseyThrillers

Well you wait for one Sara Ramsey book and then two show up in quick succession! I think this is my favourite of Mel Comleys series after the Justice series so it was brilliant to be able to read one after the other. So here are my reviews!

From M A Comley, the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Justice series who has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.


Laura Tyler’s life has recently come together in the past few months, now that she’s settled into a new home with her boyfriend, Andy. So why would someone abduct her? The more DI Sara Ramsey and her team dig into Laura’s past, the more shocked they become…

Can Sara overcome her prejudice towards the missing woman and track down her abductor? Or will the sand of time run out for Laura?

Another case for DI Sara Ramsey and this time she’s having to deal with an abduction. Laura Tyler is reported missing and when her car is found deliberately tampered with it becomes obvious that someone has planned her abduction very carefully indeed. What I loved here was how Sara investigated Laura’s disappearance, dipping into her personal life looking for clues and discovering that maybe Laura isn’t the likeable and loveable woman her mother thinks she is! And as Sara discovered more it meant that there were more suspects than she could count on one hand as Laura seems to have seriously crossed A LOT of people!

Mel Comley really brought this book to a tense and dramatic conclusion after building up the storyline slowly and carefully with her trademark involving writing style. She really understands people and what makes them tick and I love how her characters flow from her mind and onto the page, morphing into authentic and recognisable personalities.

A real page turner and I was so glad I didn’t have to wait long for the next DI Sara Ramsey book because coming up next is my review for For The Love Of…

He had no choice…

The justice system has failed him…

DI Sara Ramsey has yet another tough case to solve when a primary school teacher turns up murdered.


The murderer has an agenda and is crossing names off his list.

Not caring about the risks…he only has one thing in his sight… retribution.

Now this instalment in the DI Sara Ramsey series is a very emotional one especially due to the crimes being committed and the reasons behind them! When a local primary school teacher goes missing and then turns up dead, it’s just the start of a series of desperate murders by a murderer handing out their own form of justice. These horrific crimes against members of the community, who’s job it is to keep children safe, were both shocking and utterly despicable in their intensity. But I know that other readers will also have very mixed feelings when the reasons for these attacks are revealed.

Once again Mel Comley has written an engrossing human interest crime thriller with a likeable heroine who is determined to bring justice to her local community. She keeps her private life to a minimum but that doesn’t mean we don’t get an insight to the woman behind the badge. I love this series and can’t wait to read more about DI Ramsey and her team!

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