While You Slept by R.J. Parker

What would you do if you woke up in your home… but it wasn’t your home at all?

When a man wearing a picture mask of her daughter Maisie’s face stands tauntingly in her garden, Lily Russell does the smart thing and calls the police. When she and Maisie wake up the following morning in an exact replica of their home, held captive by that same man, the police are no longer an option.

Surrounded by the rooms and things that once provided comfort and now only promote fear, Lily and Maisie must fight to survive. Because when no one knows where you are, you are your only hope.

I’ve read a few books by R.J Parker now and love how his books grab you from the very first page. While You Slept follows that pattern with a brilliant plot idea that I found absolutely shocking! You probably do have to suspend belief a little bit but I very quickly became sucked in by the traumatic events suffered by Lily and her 5 year old daughter Maisie. When Lily opens an app on her phone whilst at work one day, her home camera system shows a strange man in her garden. And if that’s no bad enough, he is wearing a mask made from a photo of her daughters face! How creepy is that?! But on returning home, and having called the police, nothing else seems to have been disturbed and her upstairs neighbour hasn’t seen or heard anything untoward either. But when Lily and Maisie wake up the next morning, they are in an apartment exactly the same as theirs-except that it isn’t! Who could have done this to them and more importantly…WHY?!

What follows is a race against time for Lily to get her and Maisie out of their “very familiar” prison and work out who hates them enough to do this to them! We do meet other characters and look for clues as to any reason they would have to imprison a mother and daughter, especially in such a traumatic way! I do have to say that I thought the perpetrator did come a little out of nowhere so I felt a little cheated by the big reveal but that last page definitely made up for it-what an ending!

While You Slept is a gripping read from start to finish with likeable main characters and a fast paced storyline that will keep you guessing.

R. J. Parker’s creative career began as a TV script writer, editor and producer. It was this background that fed into a series of cinematic, high-concept thrillers that grabs the reader from the very first page and doesn’t release them until the last. R. J. Parker now lives in Salisbury.

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