What Are Friends For? by Lizzie O’Hagan

SLIDING DOORS meets THE FLATSHARE meets ONE DAY IN DECEMBER in this sweeping, romantic comedy for the digital age! Perfect for fans of Josie Silver and Beth O’Leary.

Everyone gives their friends advice when it comes to dating, but what happens when it all goes wrong?

doesn’t have time for dating, but having watched her best friend and flatmate have her heart broken one too many times, she reluctantly volunteers to play her Cupid.

Max is too much of a hopeless romantic to find the algorithms of online dating anything other than clinical, but he lives with his romantically-challenged best friend who desperately needs his advice. 

And after all, what are friends for?

As Eve and Max become more involved in their best friends’ relationship, they quickly realise there is a fine line between instruction and imitation, especially when they find they can’t stop thinking about their best friend’s date…

What Are Friends For? is a gorgeous book that completely charmed me from the very first page. By the time I had finished it, I wanted to stay with these wonderful characters for longer-I will really miss them! Lizzie O’Hagan has given them life, friendship and love, making them rise up off the page to entangle themselves permanently with the reader. And I just love it when that happens!

There’s more than a touch of Shakespeare here with the mistaken identity plot. Eve wants to help her friend Becky make better choices in her online dating so helps her to create a slightly different alter ego in the hopes of attracting a more suitable date! When she finds Tom she decides to swipe right and start Becky off on the right foot by chatting to Tom herself. Tom is still not over his ex and is the master of the one night stand until his friend Max comes to his aid and messages the gorgeous new match that Tom has made. This comedy of errors could get very confusing for the four of them as they try to remember who’s who in the online conversations that are leading to that perfect date…

But this book is so much more than your usual romcom. There are some very moving and poignant moments throughout involving family guilt, friendship and taking chances on life. The characters of Eve, Becky and Max were well drawn and insightful although Tom was a little less rounded and I would have liked more of an insight into him as I’m sure he had more to give. But Max!!! I think I was falling more than a little in love with him myself by the end-and what a fabulous ending it was too!

What Are Friends For? is a stunning debut from Lizzie O’Hagan and I would be happy to read her next book without even knowing the blurb! She writes like a dream, stirring up emotions in her readers that are unexpected but welcomed. I adored this book from start to finish!

Lizzie O’Hagan studied Law and Australian Law before getting into publishing, where she now works as a senior commissioning editor for an independent press. She has written features for numerous publications including Cosmopolitan, Dazed Digital and PETRIe, is a trustee for a mental health charity and draws and paints in her spare time. She can usually be found with a flat white or glass of wine in hand around her home in London Bridge.

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