The Silent Daughter by Emma Christie @welbeckpublish @theemmachristie

Chris Morrison is facing his worst nightmare. 

His wife is in a coma. 

His daughter is missing. 

And the only thing more unsettling than these two events . . . is what might connect them. 

Some secrets can change a family for ever.

Chris is a 60 year old father of two who receives a call to say that his wife Maria has been taken hospital and is now in a coma after a nasty fall. He immediately calls his son Mikey and his daughter Ruth for them to come to hospital and await news of their mother’s condition. But Ruth doesn’t answer her phone and Chris is drawn into an investigation where Ruth’s disappearance and Maria’s “accident” may be linked. And as he looks for answers, he finds out that his own family may hold more of them than he expected…

I read A LOT of books so it takes a quite a bit to surprise me but The Silent Daughter managed to do just that. In a world awash with psychological thrillers, this book was stood out as a beautifully written, compulsive and emotional family based thriller that felt fresh and unique. The exquisite characterisation of the Morrison family stood out amongst a narrative full of secrets where everyone was hiding behind lies and misunderstandings. This family felt real, with genuine feelings and worries plus some very difficult issues were handled delicately but insightful with a much greater depth of understanding than I had expected.

The Edinburgh setting was one I know well (I once lived in a flat on the Royal Mile) and it was vividly brought to life as the main backdrop to the tragic events that happened here. The idea behind the storyline itself was a compelling concept that made the book completely unputdownable! As Chris dug deeper into the life of his daughter Ruth, I had so many theories about what might have happened to her and how it tied up with Maria but let me tell you…I WAS NOWHERE NEAR THE TRUTH!! The red herrings that swirled their way through the twisty narrative did their job perfectly and served up a shocking denouement that made perfect sense and I was kicking myself that I hadn’t spotted it before I got there.

I can’t thank the person who recommended this book enough!! I just wish I could remember who it was! The Silent Daughter is a wonderful book and it’s all the more impressive in that it’s Emma Christie’s debut novel. I shall be watching her writing career with interest as I can’t wait to see what she delivers next.

Emma Christie is a former news reporter. The Silent Daughter is her debut.


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