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Today I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the blog tour for the new Simon Kernick novel, Kill A Stranger which is out tomorrow! Many thanks to Tracy Fenton for the blog tour invite and review copy of the book.

They took your fiancée.
They framed you for murder.

You’re given one chance to save her. To clear your name.
You must kill someone for them. 

They give you the time and place. 
The weapon. The target.

You have less than 24 hours.
You only know that no-one can be trusted…and nothingis what it seems.

A masterclass in page-turning suspense, this twisting and addictive read will leave you guessing until the very last chapter.

Matt goes home one night after drinks with friends to find not only is his fiancée missing but there’s a dead body in his bed. And when he’s eventually contacted by Kates kidnapper, there’s a very particular problem that Matt needs to attend to before he can get her back…kill a stranger. He’s provided with the details and the murder weapon but not the reason and unfortunately, it also isn’t going to play out quite as “easily” as he hopes!

I’ve been a Simon Kernick fan for many years now but I still get that excitement when his new book hits the shelves! His books have a reputation for going from zero to 100 mph very quickly indeed and Kill A Stranger is no different. It’s a fast paced rollercoaster of a read where every chapter ends in another little twist or cliffhanger, leaving you wondering how the hell you will ever be able to work out who is responsible for the abduction of Matts fiancée and why.

It’s impossible not to read this in one sitting as the end of every chapter means that you can’t stop there and have to keep reading on. I loved the multiple narrators here and I have to say that they are all pretty unreliable! The lies just keep on coming so I wasn’t surprised that the detective in charge of the case really struggled to work out who was telling the truth. It became obvious that things weren’t quite as cut and dried as we are initially lead to believe!

Kill A Stranger is a compulsive thriller from start to finish that will leave you breathless! It’s a turbo charged whirlwind that will lift you off your feet and spin you around so much that you won’t know which direction you’re looking in! A gripping and exhilarating journey-I loved it. And that ending!!!! Fantastic!!!

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  1. I cam across Simon Kernick by accident at the Henley Literary Festival (he’s a local writer and I live not too far away) and he seemed so down-to-earth and modest that I thought I’d try his books. He really knows how to crank up the tension, doesn’t he? It’s been a while now since I read one of his books, but I want to get back into them again and this seems like a good one.

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