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Hoping to put behind him tragedy in his professional life and to resolve the turmoil in his personal life, Reykjavík police officer Guðgeir Fransson has moved as far away from home as he can, marking time in a dead-end job in a small town in eastern Iceland.

His detective’s instincts are triggered when he hears about a foreign woman who arrived in this tight-knit community – and then disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared. The trail of the missing woman takes him back to Reykjavík, and then to a remote farmhouse beneath dark mountains where an elderly woman and her son live with their sinister past.

An exciting new voice in Nordic crime fiction, Glass Key Award-nominated Icelandic author Sólveig Pálsdóttir is published for the first time in English.

I have a real fondness for Icelandic crime, following on from my love affair with the books written by Ragnar Jonasson, so if you also adore his Hidden or Dark Iceland series then The Fox by Solveig Palsdottir is a book that should be on your radar. Iceland delivers the perfect setting for this very sad but gripping tale of a missing woman and those who won’t rest until they have sought her out.

Police officer Fransson has moved away from home for personal reasons although he is hoping to return at some point once he has sorted out the domestic issues that caused his departure. Whilst working as a security officer in a small town in the south east of Iceland, he hears tell of a young Asian woman who he fears has been trafficked due to her unexplained disappearance…

I loved how seamlessly this book has been translated by Quentin Bates so that you forget it isn’t in it’s original form and quickly become part of the small town Icelandic community. The contrasts between the cultural differences that were faced by Sajee were well developed and to read how she interacted with those she came into contact with kept me intrigued and very, VERY nervous for her!! But there was a wonderful cast of characters here and I loved uncovering the secrets of their pasts and how they reacted now in the present. Sajee was a wonderfully sweet young woman who’s naivety came across as quite heartwarming even though we can see how vulnerable it makes her.

This was a compelling read that became unputdownable with its easy to read style and compulsive storyline. I became completely immersed in its pages from the very beginning and loved how gripped it kept me throughout. I can’t wait to read more by this author! Thanks must go to Corylus Books for introducing me to The Fox and for my invitation onto the blog tour.

Paperbacks available directly from the publisher (while stocks last) £7.50 + £2.50 P&P for UK, and €8 + €4 P&P for anywhere in Europe, up to the end of December. Email:ólveig-Pálsdóttir-ebook/dp/B08H12RMTC

An interview between Dr Noir and Solveig Palsdottir will be available on YouTube on the 10th of December, on the Newcastle Noir YouTube Channel here

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