What to buy in March? The Prank by LV Matthews

The Prank is a contemporary thriller examining the fallout from a single moment in a reality TV programme that has devastating and long-term consequences.

El, a young woman, still grieving from the death of her father, follows a stranger home one night. There she chances on a missing piece of the puzzle over his unexplained death.

This accidental encounter sets in motion an obsession for revenge asking how far would you go to right the wrongs of a long-forgotten past.

The Prank is an deliciously devious debut with an intriguing storyline that is just so perfectly delivered I can’t believe it is L.V. Matthews first novel! She’s taken a fictional tv prank show and put it at the centre of a chilling tale of tragedy and revenge with some menacing characters and a seriously disturbing premise.

Eleanor works as a waitress in an exclusive restaurant and one night she recognises one of its celebrity customers. An encounter outside his home send her back to her family questioning her response to this man and further investigation reveals that her family have all been changed by one act carried out by this man. So Eleanor becomes determined to right the wrongs of the past but does she have the courage to see it through to the end?

The Prank is an outstanding thriller told with an understanding of the emotional helplessness of family who have left behind and those dealing with the devastation that follows the death of a loved one. The complex reactions felt by Eleanor led her to make some rather questionable decisions but they felt relevant to her situation and I don’t think anyone knows how they will react to anything until it physically and emotionally hits them. I have never been a fan of programmes that encourage us to laugh at the misfortunes of others (think You’ve Been Framed but with a malicious intent and remember the pranks Jeremy Beadle used to play on the unsuspecting public?) there is a sense of people laughing at the poor victim inside of laughing with them and it has always made me feel very uncomfortable. So I could understand how Eleanor felt but was her response just as bad? A case of two wrongs don’t make a right? That’s for you to judge!

I devoured The Prank! A perfect thought provoking chiller from start to finish. It’s out on 18th March 2021 and is published by Welbeck so get it on your wish list now!

Born in 1984 in rural Essex, L V Matthews now lives in Hampshire with her family where she is setting up a writers retreat business. Before pursuing a career in writing, she actually worked both in domestic and international sales for major UK publishing houses.

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