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I’m delighted to feature a review of The Dressmaker of Paris by Georgia Kaufmann today as part of the blog tour. Many thanks to Jenny Platt for the blog tour invite and review copy of the book.

I need to tell you a story, ma chère. My story.
Rosa Kusstatscher has built a global fashion empire upon her ability to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. But tonight, as she prepares for the most important meeting of her life, her usual certainty eludes her.
What brought her to this moment? As she struggles to select her dress and choose the right shade of lipstick, Rosa begins to tell her incredible story. The story of a poor country girl from a village high in the mountains of Italy. Of Nazi occupation and fleeing in the night. Of hope and heartbreak in Switzerland; glamour and love in Paris. Of ambition and devastation in Rio de Janeiro; success and self-discovery in New York.
A life spent running, she sees now. But she will run no longer…

If you are looking for a beautifully immersive historical women’s fiction novel-one that will weave its magic around you until you are completely caught up in the shimmering threads of a life well lived-then look no further! This impressive, spellbinding debut novel will sweep you off your feet so make sure you have a comfy reading chair to curl up in when it does because you won’t want to put The Dressmaker of Paris down.

Rosa has spent her life dealing with tragedy and triumph so when we meet her first, it’s obvious she is feeling out of her depth. As she prepares for a meeting, her “toilette” is intricately and carefully chosen to relate the story of how she got to this moment to an unknown listener. Her journey is full of heartbreaking emotions as she rises to the heady heights, working with Dior and falling in love, on the way to her own successes. But she also has a suitcase full of regrets that she has collected along the way and the time has come to unpack them…

This is a beautifully told tale. It has an involving and often difficult to read storyline that spans the decades in the life of this determined and focused woman. Her experiences and regrets have shaped the person she has become and it’s as she narrates this past to whoever is listening that we see she isn’t quite as self assured as we thought. I found her to be a fascinating woman and I couldn’t put her down! One of the most memorable characters I’ve come across recently and one of the best books I’ve read this year. A 5 star triumph!

Georgia Kaufmann studied Social Anthropology and Demography at Cambridge, LSE and Oxford. She currently lives within cycling distance of central London with her husband, two daughters and a cat. The Dressmaker of Paris is her debut novel.

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