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I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour today for the new Tom Douglas book by Rachel Abbott. Close Your Eyes is out now! And many thanks to Anne Cater for my review copy of the book and blog tour invite.

Don’t let him under your skin. He’ll destroy you.

Don’t fight him. He’ll win.

Run. Never let him find you.

I thought I was safe here, but I’m not. I’ve stayed too long. Now Genevieve is dead, and the police are on their way. It’s time for me to go.

I must stick to the plan – the one I made the day I arrived in this city. My bag is packed. It always is. I will destroy every shred of evidence of my existence. The police must never find me. If they do, so will he. 

I made a mistake, and someone had to die. But I’m the one who has truly lost her life.

I need to make a choice. If I keep running, I’ll never stop. If I go back, he will make me suffer. 

How many lives can one person ruin?

A Tom Douglas thriller

I love the Tom Douglas books by Rachel Abbott so I was very excited to read Close Your Eyes! Tom’s journey has been one that I have followed since his first outing in Only The Innocent and what a journey it’s been so far! I highly recommend reading the series from the very start but Close Your Eyes is able to be read as a standalone. Tom and Katie get called to a murder scene and their investigation leads them to a company where one employee throws suspicion on herself by disappearing as soon as the police arrive. But how is she linked to the murder and where is she heading? There are plenty of shocks along the way as the plot takes the reader in a direction they won’t be expecting…

This was an uncomfortable read at times due to the subject matter but Rachel Abbott has done her homework and presented the horrific nature of everything that happens to Martha in such a way as to make your skin crawl with the reality of what takes place. As it became clear what (and who!) Martha has been hiding from, I came to realise that the police were the least of her problems! There is one character here that you will come to despise and another that you will struggle to like due to the actions that they take but in situations like the one they find themselves in, I don’t know that my judgement of them would be fair! And I like that! It takes a great writer to make a reader feel so emotionally connected to their story that it becomes almost real to them.

Close Your Eyes is a gripping read with a shocking and intriguing storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed-plus it was good to finally be able to catch up with Tom and discover what’s been happening since we last met him. Definitely one for crime thriller fans who like a psychological twist in their reads!

Rachel Abbott’s debut thriller, Only the Innocent, was an international bestseller, reaching the number one position in the Amazon charts both in the UK and US. This was followed by the number one bestselling novels The Back Road, Sleep Tight and Stranger Child,Nowhere Child (a short novel based on the characters from Stranger Child), Kill Me Again, The Sixth Window, Come a Little Closer, The Shape of Lies and Right Behind You. Close Your Eyes – the 10th in the Tom Douglas series – was released in February 2021. 

In 2018 Rachel released the first book in a new series – And So It Begins. This was followed by The Murder Game in 2020 (The Invitation in the US).

Rachel’s novels have now been translated into over 20 languages.

In 2015 Amazon celebrated the first five years of the Kindle in the UK, and announced that Rachel was the number one bestselling independent author over the five-year period. She was also placed fourteenth in the chart of all authors. Stranger Child was the most borrowed novel for the Kindle in the first half of 2015.

Rachel now lives in Alderney – a beautiful island off the coast of France – and spends a few months of each year in the Le Marche regions of Italy, where she devotes her time to her love of writing fiction. For more information, see Rachel’s website at, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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