Look What You Made Me Do by Nikki Smith

Two people can keep a secret . . . if one of them is dead.

Sisters Jo and Caroline are used to hiding things from each other. They’ve never been close – taking it in turns to feel on the outside of their family unit, playing an endless game of favourites.

Jo envies Caroline’s life – things have always come so easy to her. Then a family inheritance falls entirely to Jo, and suddenly now Caroline wants what Jo has. Needs it, even.

But just how far will she go to get it? 

You’ll be riveted by the new psychological suspense from Nikki Smith – a gripping gut-punch of a novel . . .

Having enjoyed the debut novel by Nikki Smith, I was really keen to see if she could follow it to the same standard and thankfully she has! Look What You Made Me Do is an insightful and clever book delivering some surprising twists and turns along the way.

Having a keen interest in the dynamics of family relationships, I am often drawn to novels where the connections between siblings or parents are difficult and emotionally strained. Here, sisters Jo and Caroline seem to have a sibling rivalry caused by jealousy and an uncomfortable envy of what they see as the others “better life”. This friction is exacerbated by their mother who seems to encourage the antagonism by favouring one daughter over another. But a family inheritance is about to push both Jo and Caroline to desperate measures…

I loved the hidden depths to this psychological suspense, not seeing what lay beneath the family conflict until it bobbed to the surface. I do love an unlikeable character and there are plenty of them here for the reader to get angry with…and for very good reason! And just when you think you can’t hate a character anymore, they go and do something even more horrific! I spent most of this book hoping that one person in particular would get their comeuppance! But in no way did I expect that ending!

Look What You Made Me Do is an immersive domestic thriller that creeps up on you slowly until you are completely gripped and totally unsettled. Cleverly constructed with an emotionally engaging plot line, I was thoroughly impressed with how Nikki Smith brought her characters to life. Really enjoyed this one!

Nikki studied English Literature at Birmingham University before pursuing a career in finance, working in a variety of different companies including an investment bank and a trampoline park. She always had a passion for writing and in 2017 she had a ‘now or never’ moment and applied for a Curtis Brown Creative 3 month writing course which she absolutely loved. Later that year she had a short story published in the Writer’s Forum Magazine, and submitted the opening chapters of her novel to a competition where she won the opportunity to be mentored by the author Amanda Reynolds. She lives near Guildford with her husband, two daughters and a very friendly Burmese cat called Saffi. ALL IN HER HEAD was published in April 2020 and her second novel, LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO will be published in April 2021.
She can be found on twitter @mrssmithmunday and at http://www.nikkismithauthor.com

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