Knock Knock by Anders Roslund #knockknock

Set over three explosive days, this is compulsive, heart-pounding storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

He thought she was safe. Then the past came knocking.

Seventeen years ago, Inspector Ewert Grens was called to the scene of a brutal crime. A family had been murdered, with only their five-year-old daughter left behind. The girl was moved out and placed under witness protection, but while the case went cold, Grens is still haunted by the memory. When he learns that the apartment where the crime took place is now the scene of a mysterious break-in, Grens fears that someone is intent on silencing the only witness. He must race to find her…before they do.

This is the first book I’ve read by Anders Roslund and I would have no hesitation in reading another! I love Swedish crime fiction and this one is up there with the very best. It has one of the most shocking and heartbreaking openings that I have ever read in a crime thriller and that powerful start continued throughout this hard hitting and gripping novel.

Inspector Ewert Grens will never forget the case he was called to seventeen years ago. A family wiped out except for their 5 year old child who was subsequently placed into witness protection and adopted by another family. But when a break in occurs that the families old home, Ewert is taken back to the unsolved case and realised that it isn’t over. We are also introduced to Piet Hoffman, living peacefully with his wife and children until he returns home one day to find out his past has caught up with him putting them all in danger…

This is an intelligently crafted thriller, perfectly translated by Elizabeth Clark Wessel, that kept me on the edge of my seat as the action took place over a terrifying three days. Unable to trust even those in a position of power, both men are on different paths but will they find the same destination? The twists and turns came thick and fast as the very dark side of the criminal investigation slowly unravelled in this adrenaline fuelled thriller. I felt completely on edge throughout and the images inspired by the author really did give me nightmares especially those horrific first few pages.

This is a book that will grab you and not let you go until the final page. I found it to be one I couldn’t put down until I had all the answers and when they came, they were well worth the wait. Knock Knock is a sharply observed, penetrating read that surprised and shocked me with its intensity. If you’re a fan of Jo Nesbo make sure you give Anders Roslund a read-you won’t regret it!

ANDERS ROSLUND has published ten novels as part of the successful writing duos Roslund & Hellström and Roslund & Thunberg. His books have been published in thirty languages and he is the recipient of numerous prestigious international awards. Knock Knock is his first solo novel.

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