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To the media, Hayes Campbell is the enigmatic front-man of a record-breaking boyband.

To his fans, he’s the boy of their dreams.

To his label, he’s gold-dust.

And to Solène Marchand, he’s the pretty face that’s plastered over her teenage daughter’s bedroom wall.

Until a chance meeting throws Hayes and Solène together . . .

The attraction is instant. The chemistry is electric. The affair is Solène’s secret.

But can it really stay that way forever?

I…AM…BROKEN…and that is all I can say at the moment.

Later that day…

Right well, I have had time to sort out my emotions and I am going to start my review by saying that The Idea of You has one of the worst AND one of the best endings of a book that I have ever read! The worst because it completely broke me and the best because…yes, it completely broke me!! But it was the perfect ending to a book that I hadn’t actually wanted to end because I knew there could only be one outcome in this romance between Soléne Marchand and British boy band member Hayes Campbell. To be honest when I started the book I was a bit shocked at the age difference between them but it actually wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it might be and I found their relationship to be far more believable than I had expected plus it also surprised me just how much I wanted it to work…

I supposed it’s every fans dream that you go to a bands “meet and greet” only to have your favourite boy band member fall head over heels for you and want to whisk you away all around the world with them. To be honest though, Hayes reaction to Soléne isn’t exactly as sweet and romantic as that!! But the idea is the same just a little bit more “grown up” and it’s actually her daughter and friends who go to the preshow meet up-Soléne is just the mum chaperone for the night. But it’s the start of a connection that neither of them can deny for long. As they follow each other around the world for work and play, not everyone is happy about their relationship so can they work through all the problems flying their way and get their happy ever after?

I adored this book and just didn’t want it to come to an end. I know the idea of a 39 year old woman with a 20 year old has been a stumbling block for some readers but as a piece of fan fiction I thought this was the bees knees! And I have to admit that neither character was typical of someone of their age group-they were just two people who had chemistry and wanted to make their own decisions about what they felt was right for them. And I thought Hayes did play a plausible role in the narrative. At the end of the day, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they have different emotions-they are just the same as us. And I do understand this because I think Hayes is based on Harry Styles and I’ve probably mentioned before that he lived round the corner from me when he was younger and was at school with my twins. And to me, that’s still who he is-a local lad just doing his “job” (and doing it very well indeed of course!) who used to trick or treat me singing rude rhymes and serve my bread at the local bakery. And no one in my village will forget the time he took Taylor Swift to our local Chinese restaurant for a meal! And why shouldn’t he?! He was just a young man bringing his girlfriend back to his hometown. Anyway, I digress but I just wanted to mention that connection because I’ve seen reviews saying how unlikely the Hayes/Soléne interactions are and I have to disagree. Although to be fair, when I see women my age swooning over Harry Styles, I do feel a little weird because he’s the same age as my girls and I really don’t see him like that!!! And often I didn’t agree with the way Hayes and Soléne conducted their affair but that’s life and who are we to judge others on what they do privately because even if they do put themselves in the public eye-they aren’t public property, no matter what their followers think!

I thought The Idea of You was beautifully written and you could tell that Robinne Lee had fallen completely and utterly in love with her characters and lived every minute of their intensity alongside them. And so did I! This is the book EVERYONE should be reading this summer! In fact, my daughter wanted to take my copy to Greece with her this week but I told her to buy her own copy as I’m not quite ready to let go of Hayes and Soléne quite yet and I’m not sure I ever will be…

About the Author

A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Robinne was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. As the daughter of Jamaican parents of African, Chinese, and British descent, Robinne has long had an affinity for travel and the arts. Her past endeavors include working as an Editorial Assistant for ELLE Magazine, both in New York and Paris, writing celebrity profiles for the now defunct youth culture magazine, TELL, and running a music management company. Robinne has numerous acting credits in both television and film, has served as a producer on various independent films and regularly speaks on panels and writes for trade magazines regarding the roles of women and actors of color in the industry. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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