Our Little Lies by Gemma Metcalfe and Joe Cawley

A novel of marriage and deception that asks: Is it better to comfort with a lie, or to kill with the truth?

Grace and Justin have been trying for a family for years. So, when Grace finally announces that she is pregnant, she isn’t prepared for Justin’s reaction. Why does he act so strangely? Why does he leave and never return?

Two years later, while at the seaside with baby Daniel, Grace sees Justin—who is desperate to come home, but can’t reveal the reason he left. However, Grace too is harboring a secret, one that won’t just hurt Justin—but will destroy him completely.

One thing is certain: their secrets will be exposed. And when they are, neither Grace nor Justin will be prepared for what follows . . .

I’ve read Gemma’s books before and I love her twisty, turny plots packed full of shocking revelations. Our Little Lies is co-written with Joe Cawley but thankfully it’s a seamless partnership that has produced a great psychological thriller that grabbed me from the very first page!

At the start of Our Little Lies, we know that something terrible has happened but we aren’t quite sure what or why. Grace and Justin have a lot of history but what has happened to them both to get to this point? We find out that two years previously Justin disappeared from Grace’s life the very day she finally found out she was pregnant with their much longed for baby. And now he’s back on the scene but he still refuses to explain why. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one with secrets…

There are some really shocking twists in Our Little Lies and they aren’t all at the end of the book either! And because of where it’s placed, I think the first twist really does an absolutely brilliant job of letting the reader know that this narrative may not be the most reliable source of information about Justin and Grace! After the first time of literally picking myself off the floor, the shocks just kept on coming! The authors have crafted such a clever and unique storyline with characters that aren’t always likeable and possibly don’t always make the best decisions but where would the fun be in that!

It’s not often that I’m left completely speechless by a book-I read so many that not much surprises me in the world of psychological thrillers-but I have to admit that I was left gobsmacked by the ending of Our Little Lies. But it was just the perfect end to this brilliant, breathtaking storyline told by fresh and exciting new voices. I hope Gemma and Joe collaborate again in the future as they have complimented each others perfectly with their debut, delivering a gripping storyline from start to finish.

Highly recommended by me!

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