Whispers of a Scandal by Julie Corbin @niamh_anderson @Julie_Corbin

Who knows your darkest secret?

After every parents’ evening, friends Nina, Bel and Rachel look forward to their regular debrief at the pub. But there will be no clinking Prosecco tonight. 

They are discussing an anonymous note that has been left in a child’s schoolbag: This class has secrets. All the parents tell lies. 

As more notes are discovered, scandalous accusations are made and the school playground becomes rife with rumours. 

Who could be revealing the three friends’ secrets? Because they thought the only people who knew everything about them were each other… 

An addictive psychological suspense thriller full of twists and turns, perfect for fans of Heidi Perks, Lisa Hall and Jane Corry.

I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my review of Whispers of a Scandal today as it’s also PUBLICATION DAY! Now if you’ve never read any books by this author before then this would be the perfect place to start-and I guarantee you will then want to buy the 7 books that she wrote before this one! Julie Corbin is one of my all time favourite authors and I’ve been a huge fan ever since her debut novel so I was really looking forward to Whispers of a Scandal and I’m delighted to report that it didn’t disappoint.

One thing I don’t miss now that my children are grown up is the “playground mafia”-those mums who seem to revel in the drama of being a parent, gossiping in little cliques and never happier than if there is some scandal to slowly savour between them whilst standing in the school playground. Having had my fair share of being on the receiving end of sly looks and fallouts about children (you know, the ones where parents fall out because their kids have had an upset and then 24 hours later the children are besties again but the adults can hardly bare to be in the same space as each other…) I knew that the storyline here would be an intriguing one. And I became addicted very quickly to the horrific plot and all the very different characters within it. When Ninas daughter Lily starts to receive poison pen letters in her school bag, Nina is horrified-especially as they appear to have been written by a child in Lily’s class! And what do these notes mean? “This class has secrets and all the parents tell lies”? Who is hiding things and why? Nina, her friends Bel and Rachel or is it the other parents who gather daily in the school playground? The notes don’t stop after that first one either sonNina, Bel and Rachel need to work fast to protect their families from the vicious, vile accusations against them.

This is my kind of psychological thriller! Families who hide their secrets behind closed doors, their perfect lives falling apart, are the most fascinating of characters to explore and Julie Corbin does a brilliant job of keeping everything close to her chest then slowly revealing the shocking truths. There are plenty of twists and turns as the storyline speeds towards its scandalous denouement but be warned there are a few distressing scenes along the way that some people may find a little disturbing. There is also one character that I hated with a passion but I’ll let you read the book yourself to work out which one!

I absolutely loved this book and can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s an unsettling book with some harrowing moments but it’s utterly addictive!

Whispers of a Scandal by Julie Corbin is published today. Many thanks to Niamh Anderson for my review copy.

Julie Corbin is Scottish and grew up just outside Edinburgh. She has lived in East Sussex for the last thirty years and raised her three sons in a village close to the Ashdown Forest. She is trained as a nurse and combines school nursing with writing novels. Her eighth novel, Whispers of a Scandal, will be published in October this year.

Her psychological thrillers have been described as ‘creepy and gripping’ (Closer) and ‘remarkably assured… suspenseful narrative’ (Daily Mail)

She speaks at writing events, book groups and libraries, and runs writing workshops for beginners and more experienced writers. 

For more information visit Julie’s website http://www.juliecorbin.com and follow her on Twitter @Julie_Corbin

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