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It’s 14 years after the worst terrorist atrocity in UK history and, with the perpetrators either dead or missing, the motive remains a mystery. But Dr Ralph Teller, a wealthy industrialist who lost his wife in the attack, never gave up hope of justice. He thinks he knows the real identity of the mastermind responsible.

Only one person can help him put together the final pieces of the puzzle – retired police officer Chris Sketty, who infiltrated the terrorist group and was wounded trying to prevent the attack. But Cleverly thinks Sketty is a liar…and possibly far worse He has a dossier on all the former cop’s dark secrets and will make them public unless Sketty tells the truth.

So, over one night, Sketty will share his brutal tale of betrayal, ruthlessness and corruption, finishing with a revelation so terrifying and unexpected that it will change everything. Is Sketty a brave hero, crippled in the line of duty, or the most ruthless mass murderer the country has ever seen?

I’m always excited about a new book by Simon Kernick as I’ve been a fan for many years now and the appeal of his writing has never waived for me. Good Cop, Bad Cop was much anticipated and OMG it lived up to every single one of my expectations! A gripping, fast paced storyline and a protagonist who you are never quite sure about-hero or villain, you’re going to find it hard to make your mind up…

The opening chapter sets the tone for the rollercoaster ride to come when Chris Sketty arrives at the home of Dr Ralph Teller. Teller wants Sketty to tell him the story of his career in the police force. Sketty has been involved in some of the country’s more prolific cases and Teller wants the truth about his involvement as he seems to know things about Sketty-things that no one else seems to know…And so begins an evening of storytelling as Sketty tells all. Or does he?

Recently I had to self isolate at home before an operation and decided to watch every series of Line of Duty as I’d never seen it before! Yes I know!!! And I very quickly became a huge fan of the police drama. Good Cop Bad Cop immediately reminded me of that series and I have to say that if you are also a fan of Line of Duty, then you are going to absolutely LOVE this book! It’s gritty, shocking and delivers some cracking twists as it winds it’s way towards the heart stopping finale. Sketty is a brilliant character creation-unpredictable, unreliable and completely untrustworthy! But I developed such a connection with him, as did many of the other characters, even though I was never quite sure which side of the fence he was on or even if he was actually standing on it!!

Good Cop Bad Cop is a great read and because I highly recommend it, I’ve chosen it as one of my November HOTBOOKS. It’s one of the best crime novels I’ve read this year!

Simon Kernick is a number one bestseller and one of the UK’s most popular thriller writers, with huge hits including RELENTLESS, THE LAST 10 SECONDS, SIEGE and THE BONE FIELD series.

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