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If she’d turned off her phone, instead of listening in, perhaps no one would have died…

When Cressida Howard catches her entrepreneur husband playing away from home, she hires security expert BrioniO’Brien to get the evidence she needs for a speedy and financially rewarding divorce.

But what Brioni uncovers goes beyond simple infidelity. Because Laurence Howard is also in bed with some very dangerous people. Bribery and blackmail are the least of his worries as someone comes after the women in his life – someone who is out to destroy Laurence and his empire, whatever the cost.

And Cressida and her teenage daughter could soon be collateral damage, if she and Brioni don’t act fast.

Well they say eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves but when Cressida accidentally overheard her husband talking to another woman, she acts like any other woman scorned and vows to divorce him and then take him for everything he has! Enlisting the help of security expert Brioni, she tries to find out every single detail of his infidelity as forewarned is always forearmed! But Brioni unravels much more than affair and her discoveries will put them all in danger…

What I love about Sam Blake’s books are her settings and sense of place as I always feel very at home within the pages of her thrillers! Cressida is my kind of heroine too-determined and strong enough to cope with the revelations that come from her and Brioni’s investigation. In fact, all the female characters here are very vividly described, purposeful and strong willed with an unwavering desire for the truth. Laurence Howard was such a selfish and greedy character that I just wanted to grab him by the shoulders and ask what the hell he was playing at, putting his wife and daughter at risk with his dodgy dealings! I got so annoyed with him!! I just love it when I feel such strong emotions about fictional characters!

Remember My Name is a gripping thriller and I devoured it in one sitting. It’s fast paced and great fun to read so if you’ve not read anything by Sam Blake before make sure you give this a go.

Sam Blake has been writing fiction since her husband set sail across the Atlantic for eight weeks and she had an idea for a book. Her debut novel, Little Bones, was No 1 in Ireland for four weeks, and was nominated for Irish Crime Novel of the Year. Her standalone psychological thriller, Keep Your Eyes On Me, went straight to No 1 and its follow-up, The Dark Room was an Eason Ireland No 1 for three weeks. Sam is originally from St. Albans in Hertfordshire but has lived at the foot of the Wicklow mountains for more years than she lived in the UK.

Follow her on social @samblakebooks. Visit for news and events and get a bonus free short story in audio & text when you subscribe to her newsletter.

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