Who’s Lying Now by Susan Lewis @RandomTTours

You think you’re safe.
You think you know your neighbours.
But can you ever really know who’s telling the truth?

Jeannie Symonds is a force to be reckoned with – an eccentric, award-winning publisher, spending lockdown with her husband in a house near Kesterly-on-Sea. She seems to have it all: a high-flying career, a happy marriage, a niece she adores.

And then one day, she vanishes.

Cara Jakes is a new trainee investigator – young, intelligent and eager to prove herself. When she teams up with detective Andee Lawrence to look into the disappearance, she is determined to find out what has really happened to Jeannie. Cara begins to question the residents of this close-knit community, sure that someone has a secret to hide.

But how can she separate the truth from the lies?

I have been reading books by Susan Lewis for many years now (I took one of her books on my honeymoon with me!) and always make sure I’m up to date with her latest releases. But although she’s written many best sellers over the years her last few books have been some of my favourites. Who’s Lying Now follows her current style of storytelling with a “behind closed doors” mystery set in a close knit community where everyone knows everyone’s business…or at least they THINK they do!

Jeannie has the sort of life most of us would envy-a job in publishing, a beautiful house in an enviable location and a devoted husband. And to keep her plot realistic, Susan Lewis has Jeannie isolating in her home during lockdown whilst her husband continues to work in London where their main residence is, coming home at weekends. It was refreshing to have the lockdown play a part in the proceedings here especially when Jeannie just disappears one day. To begin with, no one is really that worried about her as she often takes off but once the investigation does start to take things seriously, we go back in time to the weeks leading up to her disappearance. And it’s then that Susan Lewis introduces a cast of characters who all seem to have something to hide about their connection to Jeannie.

This is an intriguing character led family drama with plenty of twists and turns. The mystery of Jeannies disappearance is played out on a familiar stage (in more ways than one!) and I was thoroughly immersed in the small town community where everyone is connected. The complexity of the plot to begin with helped to introduce the range of beautifully written characters and as the reader discovers more about them, events start to take a surprising turn…

Who’s Lying Now is a gripping read-suspenseful drama at its best! Susan Lewis has created relatable characters, living relatable lives and having to make difficult decisions during unprecedented times. A joy to read!

Susan Lewis is the internationally bestselling author of twenty-nine novels, including Don’t Let Me Go, the follow-up to No Child of Mine, as well as Missing, A French Affair, and Stolen. She is also the author of Just One More Day and One Day at a Time, the deeply moving and often hilarious memoirs of her childhood in the sixties. Having resided in France and the United States for many years, she now lives in the rural county of Gloucestershire, U.K.


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