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Lies can be buried… Secrets always come to the surface

Amarante is paradise…
An uninhabited, unspoilt island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
Only those who know it exists can find it.

But paradise comes with a price…
Virginie and Jake sail to Amarante for their honeymoon, but they are not alone.
They have to adjust to life on the island with five strangers.

And not everyone will live to tell the tale…
Dark secrets surface and their dream abruptly turns into a nightmare.
Removed from society, they find out what they’re truly capable of.

What an amazing debut from Emma Bamford! I couldn’t read Deep Water fast enough-it is one of those “just one more chapter” reads that I can’t get enough of and has put Emma Bamford well and truly on my radar!

I have to say though that I wasn’t sure when I started the first chapter but then when the captain of a navy vessel first gets the distress call from a young woman I found myself with some serious “Dead Calm” shivers especially when the boat actually finds the catamaran that the mayday has come from. What on earth has happened to Virginie and her husband Jake? Well all will be revealed as she tells her rescuers her terrifying tale.

We would probably all love to follow in the footsteps of this newly married couple-buy a boat, spend time doing it up and then setting sail for a romantic adventure to a deserted island paradise. But even those of us with no nautical knowledge will know that many, MANY things can go wrong when sailing anywhere and things don’t go to plan from the minute they arrive on Amarante. For a start, it’s not like they have the privacy they had expected as the island isn’t quite as secret and deserted as they would have liked! Sharing food, trading goods and services should work well but if there’s no trust then things can start to go downhill very quickly. It was these interactions that I found myself gripped by as I was immediately drawn into the group dynamics. Some of them were stereotypical sailor types, such as the outspoken yet private Aussie Roly accompanied by his dog Gus, but they all came alive in this idyllic setting that they had worked hard to achieve. It was hard to imagine what could possibly have gone so wrong but I had my suspicions right from the start about who could have been the fly in that factor 50 sun lotion!

Deep Water falls into one of my favourite categories of thrillers-set in a dream location that turns into a nightmare you can’t escape from! And this incredibly addictive debut pulls out all the stops! If you love books by Lucy Clarke then you are going to thoroughly enjoy Deep Water. A gripping read from start to finish.

Emma Bamford is an author and journalist who has worked for the Independent, the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, Sailing Today and BOAT International.

She spent several years sailing among some of the world’s most beautiful islands and wrote two travel memoirs about her experiences, Casting Off and Untie the Lines.

A graduate of the University of East Anglia’s Prose Fiction MA, she lives in the UK. Deep Water is her first novel. Her next thriller is due to be published in summer 2023.

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