I’m Watching You by Amanda Brittany

Quarry Lake. Twelve years ago. Three young women are attacked, all with long, dark hair. The attacker wears a yellow jacket.

One is murdered.
One is left in a coma.
One escapes.

A small town lives in fear.

It’s Riona’s last summer before heading to university. One reckless night, she lets her two friends persuade her to spend the evening at Quarry Lake, drinking cider, sharing secrets, planning their futures.

They hear a scream and a splash. They’re scared but they feel they have to go and see what it is. But a sudden noise frightens them, and they run off.

NOW, Riona is back in her hometown, facing thirty with some of her dreams still intact.

They never did catch the Quarry Lake killer.

But one day Riona glimpses a mysterious figure in a yellow jacket. Staring intensely at her.

A note is shoved through her letterbox: I’m watching you.

Is the past coming back to threaten her? Is the killer back?

This is a a great psychological thriller, full of unexpected twists and turns with a very creepy atmospheric feel to it that made me so uneasy I couldn’t read it in bed!! Amanda Brittany always delivers a gripping read for me and that’s why she’s one of my “go to” authors!

When Riona and her friends spend time drinking by Quarry Lake, they are risking their lives as the lake has become the hunting ground for a serial killer who has been targeting young girls in the area. They hear a splash and a scream but they run away, too scared to do more than briefly search for the cause of the sounds. But years later, Riona, Erika and Stacey receive notes saying “I’m Watching You”. Has the killer returned to tie the loose ends of that night?

I thoroughly enjoyed I’m Watching You! There are some shocking revelations throughout the narrative that kept me on my toes, unable to pinpoint who was responsible for the notes or work out exactly why! Riona was a likeable if somewhat naive character and I couldn’t work out why someone would be playing with her emotions like they were! Her aunt Bernie was another likeable character and I would love to have had more of her in the book-in fact I think I can see a nice spin off book for her in the future!

I do love dysfunctional families and at the heart of I’m Watching You is a family who struggle to form and maintain relationships with others. I’m always fascinated by the “nature versus nurture” debate and here there was plenty for me to think about as the plot gradually gave up more of its secrets to the reader. From about half way through I couldn’t put the book down and the ending certainly lived up to my expectations.

Highly recommended!

I’m Watching You was published by Joffe Books on the 26th October 2022.

Amanda lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and cute dog. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family and friends, walking her dog, reading (her go-to is fictional crime and psychological thrillers) and she is far too keen on red velvet cake. She loves sunny days by the sea, and snowy days through the window of a cosy room.Amanda has raised over £8700 in eBook royalties for Cancer Research UK in memory of her sister.She is the author of six psychological crime thrillers, and co-writer of psychological suspense novels with author Karen Clarke


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