The Resort by Sarah Goodwin #bookreview

Mila and her husband Ethan are on their way to her sister’s wedding at a luxurious ski resort. As they drive through the mountains, surrounded by snow covered forests, Mila feels like everything is finally going to plan.

When the car engine suddenly stops and won’t start again.

Stranded, with night closing in, they make their way on foot back to where they saw a sign for some cabins.

When they finally reach them, they find the windows boarded up and the buildings in disrepair. They have the eerie sense they shouldn’t be there.

With snow falling more heavily, they have no choice but to break into one to spend the night.

In the morning when Mila wakes, Ethan is gone.

Now she is all alone. 

Or is she?

I thoroughly enjoyed Stranded by Sarah Goodwin so was looking forward to reading this! And OMG it was even BETTER than Stranded!! I was up till the early hours of this morning finishing this off as I just couldn’t put it down once I started it.

I actually don’t think I even read the blurb before I started reading as it quickly became obvious that this book wasn’t what I was expecting from the opening few pages. So that dealt me a few shocks from very early on. I was expecting the drama to start when Mila and Ethan arrived at her sisters wedding but it’s actually when they are on their way to the wedding that they become lost and end up in a small, inhabited area with some dilapidated buildings where they can take shelter from the snow and cold. But when Mila awakes the next morning her husband has disappeared. Without proper food and clothing Mila is forced to stay in the creepy cabin especially as she is convinced that there is someone or something out there…watching.

This is such a clever storyline that grips you immediately. I loved the flashbacks as well as the reader is given an insight into the relationship between the two sisters and why Mila is so determined to make her sisters wedding special. But the tension built up by the things that Mila finds whilst looking for Ethan is breathtaking! I thought I knew what was going on but I was pretty far off the mark!

The Resort is a brilliant page turner, gripping and shocking throughout. I absolutely loved it!

Sarah Goodwin is a novelist who grew up in rural Hertfordshire. She was raised on ‘The Good Life’ ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie’ by her parents, who turned a blind eye to her dabbling in herbal medicine, feminism, eco-warrior ideals and witchcraft. They were understandably unsurprised when she developed the lifetime ambition of building a hut in the woods and living there like a soothsayer. 

Her second preferred career, was author.

At Bath Spa University Sarah studied for a BA in Creative Writing and self-published many novels across various genres, including YA magical realism, contemporary women’s fiction, romance and horror.

Sarah graduated in 2014 with an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. After writing several historical novels, she decided to return to her roots and write instead about the wild, the darkness and survival, which led to her coming up with the idea for ‘Stranded’ which would become her first professionally published novel.


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