The Killing Game by J.S. Carol #BookReview @bookouture @JamesCarolBooks

About this book…

Imagine you are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant, filled with Hollywood’s hottest stars.
And a masked gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage.
You must bargain for your life against a twisted individual who knows everything about you.
He also has a bomb set to detonate if his heart rate changes.
If he dies. You die.
You have four hours to stay alive.
What would you do?

A heart-stopping thriller with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, for fans of Peter Swanson, Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay.

My review…

I’m a HUGE fan of James Carol and his Jefferson Winter series featuring the FBI profiler, so it was with great curiosity to see what else he could come up with and, I am happy to tell you that this standalone book is absolutely brilliant! The description “rollercoaster ride of a book” can’t even begin to depict the total adrenaline rush of this fast paced thriller. I felt like I had to keep my heart rate as high as the suicide bomber just in case it affected the outcome of this catastrophic event! I do love it when you become so involved with a book you feel like you are there, living it alongside the characters and I’m happy to report that I was totally blown away by it (no pun intended!).

I love strong female characters and Jody Johnson, known as JJ, was a typical gutsy heroine that wasn’t always totally honest and likeable but for me she stole the show. Alex King was also a character with questionable morals but who evolved throughout the plot along with the others until you weren’t really sure where your sympathies lie. To have all the action eat within a restaurant full of important figures in Hollywood was a stroke of genius as it kept the action tightly packed with the occasional insight into the journalists waiting helplessly outside along with the FBI.

If this book doesn’t get made into a Hollywood blockbuster then I will eat my hat (grey, woolly, very hard to digest!) In fact I was doing a mental casting all the way through so if any Hollywood producers need me, just call!

Very few books can make me abandon my TBR schedule but this book jumped to the top of the pile as soon as I had a copy and I loved every single second of it. Very highly recommended by me!

Thanks to Bookouture for my review copy and this is my unbiased review in return.

The Killing Game: A tense, gripping thriller you DON’T want to miss is published by Bookouture on 13th October and is available to buy here at Amazon UK

About the author…


James Carol is the bestselling author of BROKEN DOLLS, the first in a series featuring former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter. The novel was released in the UK in January 2014 to rave reviews and reached number 1 on the Amazon fiction and thriller charts. In addition James is writing a series of eBooks set during Winter’s FBI days. PRESUMED GUILTY is the first of these. Under the pseudonym J.S. Carol, he has also written THE KILLING GAME.

James was born in Scotland and moved to England in the early-eighties. At various times he has worked as a guitarist, sound engineer, guitar tutor, journalist, and a horse riding instructor. When he’s not writing, James spends his time training horses and riders. An accomplished guitarist, he relaxes by writing and recording music. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children.

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Matching the Evidence by Graham Smith **Blog Tour** Publication Day Guest Post!



Ok this is an exciting tour for me to be on as Matching the Evidence is OUT TODAY so Happy Publication Day Mr Smith! Since I met Graham at a TBC meet up in Leeds I have been a fan, especially as I won a signed copy of Major Crime Team Volume One and since then I have always read Grahams books with his voice in my head! Anyway today Graham visits my blog with a guest post for you about censorship and I also have a review of Matching The Evidence.

Censorship and Me by Graham Smith

As a creative type I’m not in favour of censorship of any kind. Oddly however, I do find myself self-censoring.
The reason for this I hear you ask?
There’s some stuff I just don’t want to put out there. My face is known on the internet and the last thing I want to put into someone’s mind is my hairy face if they’re reading a sex scene I’ve written. That would just be icky on so many levels for all concerned.
Plus there’s the fact that sex scenes are incredibly personal things to write and I’m not sure I want people judging me on the way I write about two characters getting down and dirty. I’m a crime writer and crime is what I write. Someone else can write erotica although I’m always willing to help with the research if there are any hot writers out there.
A lot of the more violent acts that happen in my stories are perpetrated off the page. That’s not because I’m squeamish in any way, it’s because the effects of violence are more interesting to me than the acts themselves. Don’t get me wrong, if the story called for it, I’d have absolutely no qualms about writing a vicious torture scene, but if it’s not essential to the story then including it would be gratuitous.
The biggest act of censorship I’ve committed against myself revolves around a plot. I have a great idea for a terrorist plot. My hero would thwart the plot, save countless lives, save the day and probably get the girl.
My problem is I’d have to explain the terrorist plot. It’s not a hugely complicated plan, it’s one which could be enacted for real and could see as few as half a dozen suicidal terrorists killing tens of thousands. I cannot in good conscience put this idea out into the public domain lest a terrorist use my plan. While this may sound conceited, I’d have to say I don’t give a flying fuck. I’d rather sound conceited than provide terrorists with ideas on how to wreak terror.
You may have got the impression from that last paragraph that I don’t tend to censor my language. This is something of a misnomer as I do actually censor the language I use in my novels. I have never to date used the “c” word and this is a deliberate choice. There are many who deem it to be the worst word in the world and I don’t see the point in offending any of them when there are many other words which can be used instead.
The final area I find myself censoring from my writing is the use of any unnecessary offence. I’m talking about racist, sexist, homophobic and religious comments. I don’t make them in the real world, so why should I make them on the page? My characters on the other hand may be given these traits but only because I want to show a nasty side to them. That’s allowed.
If you have any thoughts on the subject of censorship, I’d love to hear your views in the comments.

About this book…

Carlisle United are playing Millwall and the Major Crimes Team are assigned to crowd control as punishment for their renegade ways. Typically DI Harry Evans has other ideas and tries to thwart the local firm’s plans to teach Millwall’s notorious Bushwhackers an unforgettable lesson.
Meanwhile an undercover cop is travelling north with some of the Millwall contingent. His mission is to identify the ringleaders and gather evidence against them.
Three illegal immigrants have been transported to Carlisle and are about to meet their new employers.
Nothing is as it seems for Evans and his Major Crimes Team as they battle to avoid a bloodbath while also uncovering a far more heinous crime.

My review…

This is the latest case for DI Harry Evans and the Major Crimes Team and don’t worry if this is your first foray into his world as this can be read as a standalone. There are little inclusions to fill you in on Harry’s backstory so that you can understand why he acts the way he does and these will, I’m sure, send you straight to Amazon to order the previous books!

There are two plotlines here and it isn’t till towards the end that they become entwined. Graham Smith keeps his plots gritty, realistic and totally believable. He shows the dark side of crime in the UK, those cases that we don’t really want to think about and tend to sweep under the carpet because if we don’t know about them surely this means we can pretend they don’t exist? Smith uses very topical issues here, the atmosphere is dark and there is an undercurrent of foreboding throughout. It’s a relatively short read, I found it to be the perfect length as I like to read these all in one hit! And to have had a small insight into the next case for Harry (there was an extract of I know Your Secret at the very end) left me on quite a high level of anticipation!

So for a disturbing, gritty British crime series you have definitely got to try the DI Harry Evans books. They will make an excellent tv series so I hope to see Harry on the small screen very soon!

About the author…

Graham Smith Author Pic

Graham Smith is married with a young son. A time served joiner he has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000 he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

He is the author of four books featuring DI harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team.

Matching the Evidence

Snatched from Home

Lines of Enquiry

I Know Your Secret – Out October 2016


All Fall Down by Tom Bale **Blog Tour**


About this book…

You tried to save a life. Now you’re fighting to save your own.

It should have been an idyllic day for the Turner family – until a dying man, beaten beyond all recognition, arrives at their home, uttering the words, HELP ME.

Rob and Wendy Turner and their children try to explain away the horrific scene as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in the days that follow their lives are threatened in ways they could never imagine.

The family is unaware that they are being watched by someone with their own terrifying agenda, who will stop at nothing to fulfil their own twisted desires.

But when hidden secrets come rushing to the surface, it’s clear not everything is as it seems in this happy family. Are the Turners a victim of circumstance – or does the key to their fate lie closer to home?

Forced to fight for everything they hold dear, can they save themselves before time runs out – or will their act of compassion see them paying the ultimate price…?

A heart-stopping, shocking and tense thriller that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

My review…

Wow! And then some more Wow! It has actually taken me a whole 24 hours since finishing this book to be able to form some sort of thought process about it! And I haven’t even been able to start another book which is rather unheard of for me! Yes, I have had a MAJOR book hangover!

I really enjoyed Tom’s last book See How They Run, the whole concept of an normal family becoming engaged in a nightmare scenario due to no fault of their own was brilliantly devised. So I was looking forward to All Fall Down, which has a similar theme, but I didn’t realise just how involved I would get in it! I read it in just one day as I physically couldn’t put it down. It was like I was part of the storyline and by stopping reading I was letting this family down! Such a weird feeling but I really was engaging with the Turner family and wanted to help them in anyway I could! I loved Wendy especially and felt I could relate to her the best, in her marriage to Rob and in her fierce protection of all her family. I think this is why I actually enjoyed this book more than See How They Run, it was a family that could have been mine! Those everyday little things that we all take for granted within our home life suddenly become the big things when there is a chance of losing them. And that’s the great thing about this book, it plays on all those fears you have for your own families safety especially when you know that fate can play a huge part in the path you travel down.

I loved the way that the book opened with a scene that is played out in thousands of homes across the country on a Sunday-a family barbecue. And although Rob trys to explain away the man who turns up half dead as a coincidence, we become aware that Rob may be hiding some secrets of his own. The thing is, are these secrets connected? There were so many little red herrings and misdirections for the first half of the book that I really wasn’t sure which of the many characters who were popping up were relevant to what was actually going on. 

Once the action moves to Norfolk, I was actually feeling sick anticipating what was going to happen next. In fact, it was like Tom Bale had some sort of insight into my worst nightmares as one of the things that happened there is one of my biggest fears! And to see it played out was just an incredibly harrowing experience! Due to the way that it’s written I do have to say that this would make a totally brilliant screenplay especially on the big screen-although I for one would probably be watching it with my hands over my eyes saying “Is it over yet??” It truly is terrifying at times!

This really is a book to raise your blood pressure and get that adrenaline pumping. It will raise the hairs on the back of your neck, give you goosebumps and then you will want to go and give your family a big hug when you’re finished. For me, Tom Bale is now right up there with Simon Kernick, a true master of the “fight or flight” thriller.

Highly recommended by me!

All Fall Down: A totally enthralling, totally gripping thriller is published by Bookouture on 1st September 2016 and is available to buy from Amazon UK here.

About the author…

Tom Bale
Tom Bale decided that he wanted to be an author from the age of seven but, after another career got in the way, it wasn’t until much later that his dream was fulfilled.  After several books with Random House, Tom signed with Bookouture for two stunning ‘everyman’ thrillers.
Visit his Website, follow him on Facebook, or on Twitter


Valentina by S E Lynes

About this book…

When Glasgow journalist Shona McGilvery moves with her partner Mikey and their baby to an idyllic cottage in rural Scotland, they believe that all that lies ahead of them is happiness.

But with Mikey working offshore, the frightening isolation of the Aberdeenshire countryside begins to drive her insane…

That is, until she is rescued by a new friendship with the enchanting Valentina.

She has the perfect home, the perfect man, and a charismatic new best friend – or does she? As her fairytale life begins to unravel, the deep dark wood becomes the least of her fears…

My review…

I started this book when I was on a train journey earlier in the summer months but I quickly realised that I didn’t want to dip into it over a few days, catching reading time whenever I could. I had only got to 6% but I had got….. “the feeling”! Yes THAT feeling-the tingly excitement of discovering a book that you want to hide away with and read in one or two long sittings. So, it came on my summer holiday with me and what a fabulous choice I made as it turned out to be one of my top holiday reads-a 5* book that kept me glued to my sunlounger.

I was drawn to the book initially due to rave reviews from fellow bloggers and after investigating further I realised that lots of the locations were very familiar to me. I love books that are set in places that mean something to me so the setting of Aberdeenshire and the connection to the oil industry engaged me from the start. Although from Norfolk, I moved to just outside Aberdeen due to my mum’s job so the mention of places such as Banchory, the Ardoe House Hotel and Kippie Lodge really brought back some very emotional memories of my time there (we were members of Kippie Lodge and always felt like we were in an episode of Dallas whenever we went!!). There were lots of incomers to the area at the height of the oil industry and as one of them I did struggle to settle and fit in. So that was the reason I felt so fiercely protective of Shona as I really felt her every emotion when she had to up sticks and leave behind a home and family she loved.

Susie Lynes weaves such a twisty plot into her storytelling that once I started this (the second time!) I couldn’t put it down and at one point even gasped out loud! But she also takes us beyond what happens here and I’m sure I’m not the only one who came away unable to move on from it as the issues raised stayed on my mind for quite some time afterwards. There is certainly plenty of ponder upon and I think book clubs up and down the country would have a field day with this one!

The isolation of new mothers means that sometimes friendships are formed by women where the only thing they have in common is the fact that they gave birth at the same time! There is so much to discuss here after dissecting the meeting between Shona and Valentina that very quickly becomes an intensely close relationship. I felt such an empathy for Shona the whole way through (apart from one little thing and I’m sure you’ll know what that is after you have read it!) as she felt like a kindred spirit and I connected with her right from the start. I even envied her her fabulous new friendship with Valentina-to have someone so unconventional and free spirited come into her life just when she needed her the most seemed almost too good to be true!

This was a tightly knitted, gripping storyline where I was aware from very early on that something wasn’t quite right. But what? Was I correct in my assumptions? Well, in some cases I was but not all as there are a few shockers along the way here. This is such a self assured debut written with a such a perfect understanding of what makes women connect with others and how parenthood makes us perceive the world around us and the people in it very differently. Honestly, when I finished it I just wanted to go back and read the whole thing again! Such wonderfully atmospheric storytelling has given me a real hunger for another book from Susie and she has joined the list of writers who truly can’t write quickly enough for me! Just BRILLIANT!

Valentina: A Hauntingly Intelligent Psychological Thriller is available to purchase here from Amazon UK

About the author…

B1u88GuzWjS._SX150_After graduating from Leeds University, S E Lynes lived in London for a couple of years before moving to Aberdeen to be with her husband. In Aberdeen, she worked as a producer at the BBC Radio Scotland before moving with her husband and two young children to Rome. There, she began to write while her children attended nursery. After the birth of her third child and upon her return to the UK, she gained an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University. She now combines writing with lecturing at Richmond Adult Community College and bringing up her three children. She lives in Teddington.

Before I Let You In by Jenny Blackhurst

About this book…

BEFORE I LET YOU IN is the brand new novel from Jenny Blackhurst, the #1 Kindle bestselling author of HOW I LOST YOU, which Clare Mackintosh called ‘utterly gripping’. If you don’t know who is walking through the door, how do you know if you should let them in?

Karen is meant to be the one who fixes problems.

It’s her job, as a psychiatrist – and it’s always been her role as a friend.

But Jessica is different. She should be the patient, the one that Karen helps.

But she knows things about Karen. Her friends, her personal life. Things no patient should know.

And Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her in

My review…

This book was on my wishlist from the minute it appeared on Amazon as I loved How I Lost You. But I have to say, after just this minute finishing Before I Let You In…..this is EVEN BETTER! What a twisted and devious mind Jenny Blackhurst must have! I just loved it!

The three women at the heart of this book have been best friends since school. Now in their thirties, their lives have taken quite different paths but they have remained very close. But when psychiatric Karen takes on a new patient, Jessica, she starts to realise that her new patient knows more about Karen and her friends than she is comfortable with. Has letting this woman into her life put the people Karen loves in danger? And how can Karen, who has always been the one to look after them all, hope to keep her friends safe if she can’t work out why they are all in danger?

The thing about this book that I loved the most was just how well I connected with all of the friends and their lives. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time desperate to stop whatever was happening to them all and to find out why? It’s obvious from the first few pages that something awful has occurred and the build up to it is just so incredibly gripping that you won’t be able to put it down! It’s like a nightmare where you are running and running away from an unseen predator and just getting nowhere! And it was driving me mad that I couldn’t work out exactly what was going on and why. I thought I had it all figured out but my jaw dropped when I realised that I was way off the mark!

Fans of psychological suspense will absolutely devour this! Jenny Blackhurst has certainly raised the bar with this one and has now cemented her place as one of my favourite authors. In fact, I half wish I hadn’t read it so I could have the anticipation all over again of reading this for the first time. And I might just have to go back and read again anyway! A brilliantly conceived book that I can highly recommend.

I received a copy of this book via the publisher Headline so many thanks to them and this is my unbiased review.

Before I Let You In is published by Headline in e-book on 28th August 2016 and is available to buy from Amazon UK here.

About the author…

Jenny Blackhurst grew up in Shropshire where she still lives with her husband and children. Growing up she spent hours reading and talking about crime novels – writing her own seemed like natural progression. Inspired by the emotions she felt around her own son’s birth, How I Lost You is Jenny’s thrilling debut crime novel. Before I Let You In is Jenny’s second book and is out on 28th August 2016.


Devious Intention by M.A. Comley

About this book…

The stakes are high when a holiday turns tragic…
When Louise Gillespie regains consciousness after a traffic accident, she learns that her husband and four-year-old daughter are missing. Her frantic search to find them is encumbered by her own brain trauma and the local sergeant in charge of investigation, who thinks she’s crazy.Her luck finally changes when she bumps into PIs Ellen Brazil and Brian Lynx. Despite being on holiday themselves, they take on Louise’s case. It’s not long before Ellen and Brian discover the truth behind the family’s sinister disappearance.

My review…

When I was offered an ARC by the author of this book, I was over the moon as I just love her books and its like settling down to have a chat with an old friend when I read a new one. Devious Intentions is the third in the Intention series but can totally be read as a standalone novel. I hadn’t read the first two before starting this, in fact I hadn’t even been aware of the series, but I will certainly keep an eye out for them now!

This one starts off with one of my worst nightmares as Matthew and Louise Gillespie set off for their holiday in the car with their daughter Sophie. Louise has just been though a terrible ordeal having suffered a miscarriage and is looking forward to a break away. But when their car is rammed off the road, Louise is knocked unconscious and when she wakes Matthew and Sophie aren’t there. And this was where I got totally sucked into the plot! Where were Matthew and Sophie? What had happened to them and why was Louise in the driver’s seat? Nobody seems to be interested in helping Louise to find her family, they all think she is delirious after her head injury. But that’s where Ellie, Brian (and Cally!) step in after bumping into Louise while they are on their honeymoon.

I took to the former police officers immediately, especially Ellie, as they came to the rescue with a pledge to help Louise find out what had happened to her family. The story twists and turns, never quite going in the direction I had expected. It was a perfect length to chill out with for a couple of hours relaxation, and an enjoyable couple of hours they were too!

Devious Intention (A gripping psychological thriller) (Intention series Book 3) is available now in paperback or you can pre-order for your kindle with the e-book being released 18th August 2016

Loose Cannon by Jack Steele

About this book…

A psychopath is loose in London. Detective Joe Stone must hunt the serial killer before a gangland civil war breaks out.


My review…

Wow! This debut crime thriller raises your heart rate right from the first page and doesn’t let up the tension until the very last sentence, the one that will have you screaming “WHAT??? I need the sequel and I need it NOW!!”

This is a very self assured debut by Jack Steele and a great introduction to Joe Stone (a reference to his appearance being a little like Ryan Phillipe helps the imagination!). It’s a sharp and snappy way of storytelling with short chapters some ending with mini cliffhangers, which mean you fly through the book unable to stop at the end of the previous chapter. It felt very fresh and flowed with a heart racing speed through the hunt for the “loose cannon” with twists and turns at every junction you come to.

Although in essence a police procedural, I actually loved the gangland element of this thriller. From the opening chapter, with its nightmare feel as Marcia realises there is someone in her bedroom, the pace never lets up as two crime families are brought together in a forced war. And it was a touch of genius to have the backstory of Stone’s girlfriend Gemma having being abducted a year before. It gave him a vulnerability that made him easier to relate to.

I actually got up extra early (foregoing my school holiday lie in!) so I could sit in peace and quiet to finish this off this morning. But I had to have a nice calming chamomile tea after instead of my morning coffee as I’m not sure my heart needed that extra shot of caffeine after the rush of the final few pages! In fact this reminded me of those early Simon Kernick novels for that adrenaline fuelled rush you get whilst reading!

I’m now looking forward to reading more by Jack Steele and hope the sequel can live up to the promise of this first enjoyable instalment.

I received my review copy from the author.

Loose Cannon was self published on 26th January 2016 and is available to buy from Amazon.

The One by John Marrs is out in paperback today! #BookReview @johnmarrs1 

About this book…

One simple mouth swab is all it takes.
One tiny DNA test to find your perfect partner – the one you’re genetically made for.
A decade after scientists discover everyone has a gene they share with just one person, millions have taken the test, desperate to find true love.
Now, five more people take the test. But even soul mates have secrets.
And some are more shocking, heartbreaking and deadlier than others.

My review…

I read this book under its previous name but loved it so much I have resurrected my review for today as it is publication day for The One. Woo hoo! It’s a well deserved success for the author John Marrs and well done to Ebury Publishing for signing up this brilliant book!

This is an absolutely stunning third book from John Marrs who is proving to be one of those authors who’s books I will buy without even knowing what the blurb is! I trust him implicitly to have written a novel that will thrill and surprise me and keep me glued to my kindle from the first page to the last word. I discovered his books through Tracy Fenton and TBC on Facebook and have to admit I probably wouldn’t have read them if not for the many recommendations from people on there. I adored The Wronged Sons, loved Welcome to Wherever You Are but I am totally overwhelmed by The One which has one of the most unique storylines that I have ever read! How does the man do it?!

This book has an unexpected start in the way of an advert for a company who can match you genetically with your perfect match after a scientist has discover a compatibility gene. It could take years, it could take months but it only costs £9.99 to have your matches details sent to you. Well, that’s got to be worth giving a go…..isn’t it? We then follow 5 characters who have signed up to find their perfect match as they all take rather different journeys along the path of true love.

I just loved this from start to perfectly handled finish. The characters were all fascinating and each story so brilliantly plotted that I had no idea what twists and turns awaited me as I turned the pages! My favourite thread was Nicks but I enjoyed the different feel to the alternating chapters and they always switched seamlessly just at the perfect moment. I don’t want to give anything away as this needs to be read with an open mind so that the plot developments really pack a punch. Honestly, your jaw will be hitting that floor! It’s already started a huge debate in our family about whether or not we would do this if it was a real life way of finding true love. Well, would you?

John Marrs just seems to have a way with words so that he takes normal, everyday people and situations and makes them utterly believable and engrossing. The One was totally unputdownable and I now wish I hadn’t read it so I could go back and discover it for the first time all over again. One of the most unique books I have ever read. Highly recommended by me!

The One is available to purchase at Amazon UK Here

About John Marrs…

John Marrs is a freelance journalist based in London, England, who has spent the last 20 years interviewing celebrities from the world of television, film and music for national newspapers and magazines.
He has written for publications including The Guardian’s Guide and Guardian Online; OK! Magazine; Total Film; Empire; Q; GT; The Independent; Star; Reveal; Company; Daily Star and News of the World’s Sunday Magazine.
His debut novel The Wronged Sons, was released in 2013 and in May 2015, he released his second book, Welcome To Wherever You Are.
In July 2016 his third novel was published under the title A Thousand Small Explosions. It has now been picked up by Ebury Publishing and rereleased under the title The One.

The Killing Files by Nikki Owen

About this book…

No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with you

Dr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.

Her mission? To get back to the safety of her family.

Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all…

My review…

I really enjoyed The Spider in the Corner of the Room when I read it last year (which has now had its name changed to a more appropriate Subject 375) so was really keen to continue following Dr Maria Martinez in book 2 of The Project Trilogy-The Killing Files.

I will start by saying that you really do need to read the first book before you head off into the madness of book 2 as there is a lot of background information to take with you on this journey! Maria is now out of prison and on the run from the Project. It is obvious from the beginning that once again she has been captured but we don’t know by whom or where she is being held. Instead we get flashbacks of the hours leading up to her incarceration.

This book is much more of rollercoaster ride than book one. It’s an adrenaline fuelled chase throughout Spain following Maria as she tries to remember more about the Project and what they want with her but also coming across further information that is both shocking and unexpected. Maria is a very different heroine in this thriller as she has Aspergers which obviously affects the way she relates to others and to certain social situations. I loved the fact that she was different as it added a whole new dimension to the way we looked at the plot. Often we were discovering the twists and turns at the same time as Maria, seeing the world through her eyes. I loved Chris and thought the dialogue and the chemistry between them worked well, it’s a friendship that has I would definitely like to see explored further. And I loved the setting for this one, especially when they were at Montserrat as I went there a few years back and the way it was described brought it all back, the heat,the atmosphere and the glorious scenery.

Nikki Owen has done a great job here creating a conspiracy theory thriller with a difference and I have got quite a soft spot for the socially awkward Maria, with her photographic memory and her search for the truth. I will definitely be looking forward to the third part of this trilogy now to see how things conclude-if indeed they do!

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing my review copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

Publication date 2nd June 2016

The Killing Files (The Project Trilogy, Book 2) is available to buy on Amazon UK



See How They Run by Tom Bale

About this book…

How far would you go to save your family?

In the dead of night, new parents Alice and Harry French are plunged into their worst nightmare when they wake to find masked men in their bedroom. Men ruthless enough to threaten their baby daughter, Evie.

This is no burglary gone wrong.
The intruders know who they’re looking for – a man called Edward Renshaw.
And they are prepared to kill to get to him.

When the men leave empty handed, little do Alice and Harry realise that their nightmare is just beginning. Is it a case of mistaken identity? Who is Renshaw? And what is he hiding?

One thing is clear – they already know too much.

As Alice and Harry are separated in the run for their lives, there is no time to breathe in their fight to be reunited. And with their attackers closing in, there is only one choice:


My review…

Once in a while you read a book that actually has a physical effect on you, some make you laugh and some make you cry but this book raised my heart rate so much that I’m sure people could hear it pounding in my chest!! And if I hadn’t already got high blood pressure then this book would certainly have raised it sky high from chapter one through to the very last page!

Speaking of that first chapter, not in a long time have I had a book scare the hell out of me at the start as much as this did. Harry and Alice French have been woken by intruders in the middle of the night while asleep IN THEIR OWN BEDROOM! Not only them but also their eight week old daughter Evie. But these intruders are not burglars changing their luck, they think that Harry and Alice have information that they need and are refusing to believe that they don’t! For the young couple its the start of a nightmare and that’s how I felt throughout this book-trapped in a nightmare that I was unable to wake up from!

What I loved about this book was that it took an ordinary family doing what ordinary families do but played on that fear of “what if?” I’m sure we can all remember a time when we have woken up, heart racing, thinking “what’s that noise?” Tom Bale takes this premise and runs with it at great speed! The pace rarely slows as we follow Harry and Alice as they get caught up in a seedy underworld through no fault of their own. It was an adrenaline fuelled chase to find the truth but will they ever sleep soundly in their own beds again?

This isn’t my first read by Tom Bale but I have to say that he has certainly found his niche here. So if you like Simon Kernick then you are going to LOVE Tom Bale and See How They Run. Now then, I’m off for a calming cup of chamomile tea to try and calm my nerves!

I received a copy of this book via netgalley so thank you to them and the publisher Bookouture for the opportunity to read an ARC in return for an unbiased review.

Publication date 6th May 2016

Available to buy from Amazon