A little bit about me!


Hi my name is Jo and I love reading which is why I set up My Chestnut Reading Tree so I could share my thoughts about the books I read with the world! I read mainly crime and psychological thrillers but I also love women’s fiction..basically I just love a good story and will review most books apart from sci-fi or horror. I am a working mum and nana and I spend the little free time I have curled up with copious amounts of tea, chocolate and a (hopefully!) good book. I will always leave reviews on Amazon (where I am now a Top 500 reviewer) and Goodreads. I am happy to review both ebooks and real books in my preferred genres. You will always find me over on Twitter @jocatrobertson or on my Facebook page My Chestnut Reading Tree Book Blog.

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37 thoughts on “A little bit about me!”

  1. Thanks for your support so far. This blog is very attractive and i’ll keep looking at it. Any time you feel like curling up with my book just let me know and I’ll send you an ebook voucher. Many good wishes.

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    1. You’re very welcome Jessica! I really enjoyed your post about your inspiration for your book The Infinity Pool and it prompted me to pop it onto my wishlist! So am certainly looking to read it in the near future-hoping to have a nice warm holiday to read it on!! 🙂

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    1. Another newbie! Lovely to meet you! You have reviewed similar books to me so I was interested to see your blog. I love blogging-met so many nice people who are so friendly and supportive to new bloggers 😘

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